Monday, 4 August 2014

Exclusive Secret Locked Captions (466-467)

So, I have made a game to amuse me. There are a lot of you who follow this blog and come back again and again, your comments also really help motivate me.

But, how dedicated are you? How much are you willing to do to see more awesome captions?

Well, I have made a little game, The above below 'Captions 466-467: Exclusive Secret Locked Captions'
is encrypted. It contains 2 really hot and cruel captions.

To access the locked post you need to complete this challenge that I have made:

It is not hard, and should only take you five minutes if you do it well. It also has two exclusive mini captions inside as well as other bits to keep you aroused throughout.

The locked captions are worth it and you will enjoy the challenge (Its a quiz on my blog).

When you do unlock the posts, please comment on the post to say you've made it, I wanna know how many of you get to enjoy them! (but remember not to comment the encryption key!)

Enjoy ;)


  1. I did it solely by guessing : even if I remembered the images I must admit I could not remember the exact figures, nor did I want to look for them. Besides, doing the test again and again did not bother me : I had a few images and captions to entertain me :)
    Nice game (and secrets pictures) !

    1. Yeah if I do it again I think I need to make it 'slightly' harder... But thank you for doing it so quickly after I posted, you have been my test and I'm glad all the links/posts worked properly!

    2. I'd personally prefer it slightly harder, but also less 'just look it up' more something that someone can remember.

  2. I enjoyed this romp through memory lane. :)

    I challenged myself. Instead of looking through the archive online, I looked through all the denial caption images I had downloaded to get the answers. I remembered each picture before looking up the answers, but just couldn't remember the details of numbers on my own. :)

  3. I enjoyed the challenge. Quite fun! And hot captions too...

  4. I enjoyed it but I kept getting distracted with the other pictures while looking for the one I should be reading xD *loved* the captions!

  5. Maybe you should make all of your images downloadable as a .zip so we can easily access all of them at once? Instead of going back through all the pages.

  6. I'm always amazed at the efforts you put into this. - a loyal reader

  7. Just completed it. I think it is great to get a more interactive readership here.

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  9. Thanks for all the comments! Didn't expect it to be quite this popular!

    I think I shall make the next one more difficult, longer and with more of a reward at the end...

    Also, naughty anonymous for asking for the code!

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