Monday, 30 April 2012

Captions 286-300. DRU Graduation and celebration of 300th caption!

This post is all about  post-graduation options for DRU students (Could I go as far as to say career options...?).

Lets keep going with the comments:

Ladies, which captioned situation would you choose if you were graduating from DRU?

Gentlemen, for which of these captions would you like to be a male employee or customer?

I once again look forward to your comments, they feed my ideas for future posts.

See below for a bit about the 300th caption (I don't normally write between the captions, so don't miss it!)


Below is my 300th caption, I only realised this post would hit 300 when I was about to upload it. I re-arranged the order to make this the 300th caption, its my favourite of the set, I thinks its a combination of the caption, the outfit she is wearing, and the institutional, important building, type background. 

Thank you all for your comments and feedback, having fans makes captioning a lot more fun and easier to do!