Thursday, 10 October 2013

Caption 371: WWYD?

Caption 370: Female Orgasm Denial

A Poll, an Idea and a Question: Please Read.

I know there is no caption in this post but please take a moment to read it and feed back with a comment!

Question/Idea: Would anyone be interested if I made a series of captions that I posted (on automatic post timer) over a period of time. Following a denied girl and her exploits. Designed so that you can deny yourself along with her. Teasing in ways that are described on the captions and only orgasming when she does. You could comment on how it was going for you and I'm sure that would entertain everyone.

Poll: I have had an incredible amount of views on this blog but I am curious as to the demographic of kink. Please please please vote on the poll above to let me know what the break down of visitors to the blog is. Tick all that apply to you.

Thank you and more captions are coming soon! (but will you be?)