Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Caption 369: What Would You Do? A new type of caption.

I had an idea, and I knew straight away you would all love it. The WWYD captions! these captions give an option to the damsel in distress. usually it is very hard to choose! Put yourself in her position, or if you wish, imagine choosing for her. Comment and tell us what option you would choose and why!

At some point I may make a second caption in response to the majority vote...

Remember to comment with what you would do!

A slight change and Caption 368: Female Orgasm Denial

I have noticed that other people have been copying or reposting some of my captions. I find this to be a compliment and I have nothing against it. I create these for my enjoyment and in the hopes others who share my kinks will enjoy them also. So I am pleased to see them being spread around.

The one thing I would like is a way for people who enjoy a caption to follow it back to my blog, to find the rest of my work. I see captions that have been reposted and often wish I knew if the creator had a website, blog or archive.

To this end I have started putting my blog address on all of my new captions. In the hopes that it will bring more people to my blog, for their enjoyment and pleasure (or lack of pleasure if they are in a period of denial!)

I hope this does not discourage people from sharing my captions, in fact, I hope it does the opposite!

Anyway, enjoy my newest work, and thank you for all the amazing comments  I have received lately.