Monday, 2 April 2012

Captions 264-270. ODTC Island

I have an idea, it started with a caption idea, then got bigger, way too much to fit in one caption.

Imagine an island, a large island, an island like no other. An island bought and owned by a super rich company, ODTC. An independent island counted as it's own country. An island for the fetish community. An island so safe and lawful because everyone was there because they wanted to be. an island with a population about the size of New York City. An island where everyone living there had chosen to move to this fetish paradise, because of their interests. An island where single people, couples, swingers, any orientation or relationship style could get along together. An island where if humiliation and sexual use was your fetish, you could receive it, because everyone would know it was what you wanted.  An island where you could walk down the street naked, or in a latex catsuit, or in just a chastity belt, or anything, because everyone here accepted everyones own interests, and respected everyone else for those interests. An island with regions or small cities devoted to individual themes and interests (FOD). An island where if you signed up for 12 months in a chastity belt, you were held to the contract. An island where you could live out your life, or just visit for your holidays. An island where everyone had one thing in common; a fetish or kink of some kind, and a desire to be on this island.

An island called, ODTC Island (other names I could think of have already been used, kinkisland, fetland, etc.)

So, I've painted a quick picture of this island above. I will refer to it in captions sometimes, maybe i'll do a lot, maybe i'll just do a few. But now that i've painted that picture i'll feel I can refer to the island more easily in captions without having to explain it all in every post!

Here are some captions about the island and some of the holiday makers, I'm gonna make some about the inhabitants soon =D

Captions 261-263. April fools!