Sunday, 10 July 2016

Happy Birthday Ellie : Captions 563-567

For those of you not aware of the situation (those that do not read the comments), a brief explanation is in order.

A few weeks ago a girl called Ellie commented on a previous post and begged for more captions. Her Master keeps her in a chastity belt and she has not had an orgasm since her birthday on 10th July 2015. If I didn't post three caption posts before her birthday she would not get to orgasm for another year.

It is a strange position for me to be placed in, but Ellie has been very obliging in entertaining me and my readers with her own blog posts and pictures. As such I have decided to post enough captions for her to earn release.  Though I never promised they wouldn't be devious captions all about Ellie . . .

 A note to Ellie's Master: please allow Ellie to keep posting to let us all know the outcome of this. I am impressed by what she has told of you so far, maybe you could get inspiration for her next denial from one of these captions . . .

Wednesday, 29 June 2016

Tuesday, 28 June 2016

Captions 558-559: Female Orgasm Denial

I would like to just say thank you and sorry to my followers.

Thank you for being patient, for your comments and for still visiting the blog despite my lack of activity. I appreciate all of you and every comment!

I am sorry, a busy life, a changing life situation and a lot of other distractions have caused me to not have the time or be in the mood for kink as much as I would like. Hopefully now I can start posting more regularly. I cannot make any promises, all I can do is be honest, here are some captions, I have made a few more, I hope as much as you do that I make even more soon. Stay tuned!