Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Regular Captions

First of all. Thank you for voting in the Poll. Very interesting results. It has really encouraged me and given me inspiration for new captions etc. Also for all those in denial or in control out there, why not comment, let us know how long you have been locked up, if you have a key holder etc. etc. 

Speaking of comments, thank you for all of the comments so far, they really do keep me going and give something back. I enjoy reading them and hearing your views and situations. 

I have decided that I will post a caption on every Monday and Friday at 2100 GMT. This gives you a consistent time to expect a post and gives me a target. As I tend to make captions in groups of ten or so, it means I can usually make enough to keep the twice weekly posts going. There are already posts scheduled on the blog up until the end of January. 

There are some new types of caption for you to look forward to as well... 

The reverse sentiment captions that focus on if a female orgasm denial caption had the same emphases as the male orgasm denial captions.

The CEO Harem captions. Looking at a Harem of girls all kept in TTcBs...

As well as a few very devious standard female orgasm denial captions.

Enjoy and keep commenting!