Saturday, 14 December 2013

Orgasm Denial Game 1

This game is designed for submissive females wanting a challenge and a way of determining a length of self imposed denial.

The Rules:
1: Let us know you are playing, by all means keep it anonymous, just make up a name for the game and comment anonymously.
2: By getting involved and commenting you are giving something back to me, making the blog more interesting for everyone, and giving yourself more incentive to complete the challenge!
3: Be honest, if you fail, either try again or have a break, it is only a game! 

The game works as follows, read the first image below and follow the instructions. Do not read ahead, it will spoil the surprises!
The game will take about 60 minutes of your time now (or when you start playing). Once you have completed the game you will be able to work out how long you need to go without orgasm, the game will also give you rules/instructions as to how to tease yourself whilst denied.
The game takes into account how long you have previously gone without orgasm, making it tailored to fit each person individually.

Monday, 25 November 2013

Friday, 22 November 2013

Caption 385: Reversed Sentiment Orgasm Denial

On  reviewing the results of my demographic poll I have noticed that plenty of male submissives read this blog. I know that I enjoy both male and female orgasm denial captions. I appreciate that people from both genders read this blog and I very much enjoy the comments from the ladies into orgasm denial. But I have also noticed that female denial captions and male denial captions tend to have a different emphasis. So, I have taken some of the recurrent themes I have seen in male denial captions and reversed that sentiment into female orgasm denial captions...

Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Regular Captions

First of all. Thank you for voting in the Poll. Very interesting results. It has really encouraged me and given me inspiration for new captions etc. Also for all those in denial or in control out there, why not comment, let us know how long you have been locked up, if you have a key holder etc. etc. 

Speaking of comments, thank you for all of the comments so far, they really do keep me going and give something back. I enjoy reading them and hearing your views and situations. 

I have decided that I will post a caption on every Monday and Friday at 2100 GMT. This gives you a consistent time to expect a post and gives me a target. As I tend to make captions in groups of ten or so, it means I can usually make enough to keep the twice weekly posts going. There are already posts scheduled on the blog up until the end of January. 

There are some new types of caption for you to look forward to as well... 

The reverse sentiment captions that focus on if a female orgasm denial caption had the same emphases as the male orgasm denial captions.

The CEO Harem captions. Looking at a Harem of girls all kept in TTcBs...

As well as a few very devious standard female orgasm denial captions.

Enjoy and keep commenting!


Thursday, 10 October 2013

Caption 371: WWYD?

Caption 370: Female Orgasm Denial

A Poll, an Idea and a Question: Please Read.

I know there is no caption in this post but please take a moment to read it and feed back with a comment!

Question/Idea: Would anyone be interested if I made a series of captions that I posted (on automatic post timer) over a period of time. Following a denied girl and her exploits. Designed so that you can deny yourself along with her. Teasing in ways that are described on the captions and only orgasming when she does. You could comment on how it was going for you and I'm sure that would entertain everyone.

Poll: I have had an incredible amount of views on this blog but I am curious as to the demographic of kink. Please please please vote on the poll above to let me know what the break down of visitors to the blog is. Tick all that apply to you.

Thank you and more captions are coming soon! (but will you be?)

Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Caption 369: What Would You Do? A new type of caption.

I had an idea, and I knew straight away you would all love it. The WWYD captions! these captions give an option to the damsel in distress. usually it is very hard to choose! Put yourself in her position, or if you wish, imagine choosing for her. Comment and tell us what option you would choose and why!

At some point I may make a second caption in response to the majority vote...

Remember to comment with what you would do!

A slight change and Caption 368: Female Orgasm Denial

I have noticed that other people have been copying or reposting some of my captions. I find this to be a compliment and I have nothing against it. I create these for my enjoyment and in the hopes others who share my kinks will enjoy them also. So I am pleased to see them being spread around.

The one thing I would like is a way for people who enjoy a caption to follow it back to my blog, to find the rest of my work. I see captions that have been reposted and often wish I knew if the creator had a website, blog or archive.

To this end I have started putting my blog address on all of my new captions. In the hopes that it will bring more people to my blog, for their enjoyment and pleasure (or lack of pleasure if they are in a period of denial!)

I hope this does not discourage people from sharing my captions, in fact, I hope it does the opposite!

Anyway, enjoy my newest work, and thank you for all the amazing comments  I have received lately.

Thursday, 21 March 2013

Caption 361: Female Orgasm Denial

It has been a while, life changes and life is busy. I have found a few captions I made a while ago, I'll post them one at a time over the next few weeks until I get a chance to make some more. There are gaps in my posts, some large, but I have no intention of letting this site go, no matter how big the gap, there will always be another post!