Monday, 23 February 2015

Well Fuck. This is good bye. (to Blogger...)

NOTE: Instead of more posts with updates/information, I will be updating this post with new things at the bottom. So please keep an eye on this post as it gets longer!

Edit 01/03/2015
Blogger has  changed it's mind and backed down on the content policy change! (for now)

The blogs can stay!
So thanks google for creating such chaos in our community for nothing, well done (slow clap).

But I am still here!

I now have Tumblr, Wordpress, Imagefap and Blogger.....

I will post all new captions to Blogger.
I will post most new captions to Tumblr.
Imagefap should get all the captions but with bulk uploads infrequently.
I will not regularly update wordpress, it is just a back up incase blogger is threatened again.




Bit of a ramble but I feel it is better unedited.

So, as you may be aware, Blogger is changing its policy as of 23rd March 2015. No nude /pornographic images or sexually explicit content. Thanks Blogger, bit of a Buzz kill.

At first I thought I would go back and delate any nudity. But then I realised that every post is sexually explicit be it with or without breasts.

This sucks, I like my blog, I like you guys, my loyal readers.

-Before 23rd of March I will remove content from my blog so that it will remain open to public viewing, but will be empty.
-I will find another host. Maybe tumblr.
-I will let you guys know with a post on this blog where my new location will be.
-I will make the most of the next month, and be AS FUCKING SEXUALLY EXPLICIT as I want and can be.

If you haven't already saved your favourite captions, I suggest you 'right click and save as' in case my old captions are not something I repost elsewhere.

This is a sad reflection of the world today. Although our western societies are constantly becoming more free thinking and open minded. It seems that laws are changing and becoming more restrictive whilst companies cover themselves with things like this.

Well this is a personal view from me and if you don't like it world then though, I have the right to free speech and to think and believe what I want, so here is my view:

I am kink, I am glad I am kinky (sex would be boring with just missionary!). If you don't like it, tough. I may not like religion, but I am not shutting down churches or mosques. I will always be kinky, it is a part of my sense of self. This blog has allowed me to share some of my kinks and meet with like minded people. I will continue to think kinky thoughts, write kinky stories, create kinky captions, enjoy kinky sex, and meet other kinky people both online and in real life. I live in a free country and no government law or company policy will stop me being who I am and expressing who I am. I am kinky and proud!

Some facts about this blog:
-Started December 2011 (over 3 years ago)
-As of writing this I have had 882000+ page views
-More than 1200 page views a day in the last two years.
-194 posts
-762 published comments
-a large but unknown number of amazing people that share my kinks, read my blog and generally win at life, I love you guys (and denied gals ;)   )

So yeah, this kinda sucks, but lets take this forward, next step, fresh air, new chances to unleash my creative kink on other areas, watch this space, save those captions and keep enjoying your kinks people!

See you soon and much love,
MC aka Carolus Thrill formally Chuck Thrill



Special People

I want to say a massive thank you and shout out to the following folk:

Barbie (maybe ask her to add a few months for good measure?), Kitty (100 is good, 150 is better...), Airmat, Ronnet, Myya, B-Rex, Ian,  Jeff, Edward N, Mai, deniedgirl, kinkygoth, GreyRose, iggy and mcdguru.

...and to the elusive and eloquent 'Anon-'. You deserve special mention for basically adding an additional well worded chapter to almost every caption I have posted in recent months. You rock!

I hope you will all join me in whatever medium I move to on the internet, but if not, you are all amazing, may you stay horny and denied / enjoy keeping someone horny and denied / enjoy your specific kinks / be happy with just the fantasy (pick the one that fits you best).

Maybe in another world we would all be sat around a table, some in TTcBs, some with the controls... A motley crew of FOD enthusiasts ;)

And to all of you other regular visitors that lurk (hate that phrase) thank you as well, my page visits count is huge and its down to you guys, keep on enjoying your fantasies and I hope they can become reality if you want them to.

And to the person who has never been on this blog before and is reading this for the first time. You've missed something awesome. Go back and read it all, it will soon be gone.




I will need to move some of my old captions to whatever new medium I choose to give it some weight to start. For this reason and for nostalgia, it would be great if any and all of you (anonymous or not) went and put a comment on your favourite/s captions. I can pick the ones to move from there and we can have a nice trip down memory lane.

As suggested in a comment to this post (thank you anonymous newcomer!) I will look into finding a place to put all the captions for posterity.




I have looked into and decided not to have a download of my whole achieved blog for a few reasons.
partially as I am not that good with computers and all I get when I download the blog is 'computer programming stuff' it won't open as the viewable blog on the computer. Also I will be uploading all the old captions to imagfap as time goes by. If you want to download images you will need to do it the way we all do on blogger, tumblr etc and right click save as on them.




Caption 524: Female Orgasm Denial