Tuesday, 24 February 2015

The Future

Edit 01/03/2015
Blogger has  changed it's mind and backed down on the content policy change! (for now)

The blogs can stay!
So thanks google for creating such chaos in our community for nothing, well done (slow clap).

But I am still here!

I now have Tumblr, Wordpress, Imagefap and Blogger.....

I will post all new captions to Blogger.
I will post most new captions to Tumblr.
Imagefap should get all the captions but with bulk uploads infrequently.
I will not regularly update wordpress, it is just a back up incase blogger is threatened again.



I have moved to Tumblr

Blogger has changed its rules. It now does not allow nudity/sexual images.

I have moved to new locations that are more accepting of our interests.

I now have Tumblr:

A selection of my old captions from this blog have been uploaded to my imagefap:

With help from B-Rex I have moved the whole blog as it was to wordpress:

This email is still in use for contacting me:

Thank you for the times we have shared on here everyone, time to move to pastures new. Come with me?