Monday, 25 August 2014

Caption 474: E.L.F.

Eternally Locked Females (ELF) is a financial arrangement site where woman give up control of their TTcBs in exchange for ╩╗donations╩╝.
This site attracts a variety of people, but the most common is the female escort. An attractive woman can get more than enough money in a single donation if she surrenders control of her TTcB for 10 or 20 years. Many girls permanently sell their TTcB code to rich dominants for millions of pounds.
Once a TTcB code has been exchanged, the buyer can do with it as they please. Often this also involves the girl becoming sexually associated with the buyer, and sometimes their friends...

Friday, 15 August 2014

Denial Card Game set 1

Update: I did not really explain the rules very well, so thank you to anonymous for writing this explanation: 

"OK, I think i get it, so to simplify for everyone.

You need 1, 6 sided die.
A player choose a trait that all players use that round, IE: Longest denial, cock worship rating, reason for denial ect.
you then roll the die, the number on the die corresponds to the number in the top right corner, look at the number next to the trait you picked, that is your score. highest score wins. (i assume 1week = 7, 1 month = 30, 1 year = 365)
If you are playing for denial, choose easy medium or hard, then roll, the corresponding card will tell you how long of a denial next to the chosen difficulty.
If you want a challenge, roll one die and you may only orgasm if the condition for orgasm is met.
when a second set is released it's number in the top right rather than being (1, 1) (2, 2) will be (1, 7) (2, 8) so you can play with one set or both (using a 12 sided die)

Hope this helps a bit"

Another way to think of it is top trumps but instead of drawing a card you roll a die to select the card.


This is a game that can be played alone against the 'house' or against another person. It can be used to determine release and denial for single subs or for subs and their Doms.

The rules are simple. The submissive choose a trait from the 'submissive face off' section.
Each player then rolls a 6 sided die.
Each die shows which card that player uses. 
You then compare the scores from the chosen trait and the highest card wins.
I would suggest best of 3, 5 or 7 rounds depending on how long you want to string it out for.

That is the first part of the game.

If you are also using the game to determine denial, you can choose easy, normal or hard and roll a sing die. The die result is the card that you use to see how long your denial will be based on your difficulty. 

Or it could be that if you win the game you orgasm, if you lose you roll to see how long before you get another chance at playing.

The third part of the card is a condition / instruction for orgasm. If you do get permission to orgasm you can choose to follow the rules on the card you get.

The numbers in the top right will change in the second set. 

The first number is the number from 1-6 for that set, so you can play with one set at a time. 
The second number is the total number of cards up to now, so if you play with set 1 and 2 then the second number will go up to 12, so you roll a 12 sided day. 

Not explained very well but I don't have much time and you guys are smart enough to work it out ;)

Please comment and let us know the results if you play!

Captions 469-470: ODD

ODD is Orgasm Denial Dating. A website specifically for females who are into denial and the men/women who like to deny them.


Monday, 4 August 2014

Exclusive Secret Locked Captions (466-467)

So, I have made a game to amuse me. There are a lot of you who follow this blog and come back again and again, your comments also really help motivate me.

But, how dedicated are you? How much are you willing to do to see more awesome captions?

Well, I have made a little game, The above below 'Captions 466-467: Exclusive Secret Locked Captions'
is encrypted. It contains 2 really hot and cruel captions.

To access the locked post you need to complete this challenge that I have made:

It is not hard, and should only take you five minutes if you do it well. It also has two exclusive mini captions inside as well as other bits to keep you aroused throughout.

The locked captions are worth it and you will enjoy the challenge (Its a quiz on my blog).

When you do unlock the posts, please comment on the post to say you've made it, I wanna know how many of you get to enjoy them! (but remember not to comment the encryption key!)

Enjoy ;)

Captions 466-467: Exclusive Secret Locked Captions

A Question for Female Submissives: The Reality of Fantasy.

Hello all, this is aimed at you ladies out there, but guys feel free to comment with your thoughts also.

So reality can be a bitch can’t it? The practicalities of real life and the real world can stomp down hard on a fantasy. Female orgasm denial for example. Hygiene, the awkwardness of a bulky belt, the ability for women to orgasm through other means, these are just some of the main reasons why female chastity is much rarer than male chastity.  Yet as this blog shows, there are ladies who have orgasm denial and chastity fantasies. Having spoken to and played with a bunch of girls with denial fantasies, I have observed some patterns in the reasons / aspects of the fantasy. Some girls seem to see denial as part of their general submission to a dominant, others seem to enjoy the loss of control, the feeling of denial itself or even just the shear masochism of enduring the denial (either imposed or self inflicted). Others may see it as a challenge of will power. From what I can tell, of the girls that actually practice orgasm denial, 99.9% use will power instead of a device, and there are many more that have orgasm denial as a fantasy but are unable/unwilling to use willpower for any length of time. 

So I actually have two questions for you ladies out there:

Why do you enjoy the orgasm denial fantasy?  what aspects of it turn you on and do you know how the fantasy was initially created/discovered in you?

Let us suspend practicality for a moment and imagine there was a perfect chastity belt that could be worn safely, hygienically and securely, that fully prevented orgasm and could be worn indefinitely. If this belt appeared in front of you right now, and you had the option of locking it on yourself right now, for one year, no going back, no orgasm throughout. Would you take the opportunity to make the fantasy a reality? Try not to be swayed by how hot the fantasy of being able to be belted for a year is, try and actually truly imagine that in real life you were really presented with this option right now. Would you take it? or would you give up the only chance to experience your fantasy in full, brutal reality?

Bonus questions: 
If you answer question 1 above in detail and tell us what your fantasy sub name would be and some more about your fantasies / real D/s situation , I may make a caption based on you and your fantasy for the blog.

Happy reading and please comment! 
(I am trying to build a bit more of an interaction/community around the blog again, anyone up for playing some interactive games? remember my email is on the right as well)