Thursday, 29 December 2011

Female Orgasm Denial Captions 1 - ODTC

A fresh product, that I really like and I have a lot more ideas for it already...



  1. i think a longer od gel should be released and thier should be a game package, with some chance of cumming but very little, for example 50 sachets of odg unmarked containing a one year odg sachet, a two year odg sachet, 20 month odg satchets, 25 weekly odg sachet, 2 ordinary satchets of desensitising gel and 1 extra sensitising gel, this way the customer has a 1 in 50 chance of cumming but they also know that they have a 2 in 50 chance of having used the desensitising gel, this will give them a low but possible chance of orgasming if they have chosen the low strength desensitising gel but they wont know if they have chosen one of these sachets until 24 hours later and so the customer will likely try to orgasm even when numb for the first 24 hours every time they go numb :), also if the orgasm denial gel is incorperated into the beta testing chastity belts then thier could be a program invented to release and smear the orgasm denial gel into and onto the vagina if tampering is detected or right before the belt is programed to unlock so that orgasm denial is prolonged, that setting could be at the discretion of the cyber master belt ;)

  2. this product sounds great. have to get some :)