Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Thank you!

I wanted to say a blanket thank you to everyone who has commented, linked and feed back on my captions.

Now here are some questions for you folk,
What do you like?
What do you want to see more of?

If anyone has any requests feel free to comment or message me.

I doubt if there are many ladies out there viewing these caps compared to us gentleman. But if any lady would like to message or comment with what they would want from their TTcB I'd really enjoy turning it into a caption of how it went wrong! Or if any gentleman would like to message with what they'd use their TTcB for on a sub or partner that would be just as good. Format it as though you are ordering your custom TTcB. But remember just say what you want it to achieve not what the TTcB is exactly programmed to do, that is what the company decides and where misunderstandings arise...

Thank you all,


  1. I'm really glad I stumbled across this gem =D It can be so hard to find female denial/chastity focused things... so there's at least one girl reading and enjoying.... a lot! I wonder if the TTcB could tease and punish a girl enough to make her do humiliating and embarrassing things in public to satisfy it's VERY strict program.. she certainly doesn't deserve any orgasms unless she's been a REALLY good girl after all. I'd hate to accidentally get locked onto one of those. ;-)

  2. Myya,

    Thank you for your comments, it is always nice knowing there is a girl out there that finds the TTcB interesting...

    I've got a few ideas forming for some captions based on what you've said. I'd like you to choose the name of the girl in them, I doubt you'd want me to make them 'Myya' so pick whatever you like!


  3. Just wanted to throw my appreciation in as well!

  4. chuckthrill,

    Love your blog. Your request inspired some very fun thoughts in my head. I'd love to see what you'd do with this
    - - -
    In her intake interview, she seemed quite excited to finally have someone talk to her that not only wanted to know but wasn't shocked. She explained that her main motivation was the idea of being "unable to hold back as forced orgasm after forced orgasm runs through me.

    "I also love the idea of 'evil choices' like if a dom says 'I'll let you cum now, but that just means I'll make you wait even longer next time.'"

    When asked about teasing rather than simply not being stimulated by the belt, she said "Teasing is great... Especially as torture, you know, getting worse and worse as it goes on, but I need it more and more? It's the... conflict, you know? When I don't know what I want... to cum, or for it to just stop, or for more teasing... I just need. I love that.

    "Hmmm... I think the real reason I love forced orgasms is because at the time I can't stand them! You know, it's that whole 'be careful what you wish for' kind of thing. *laughs* I mean, with forced orgasms, I fantasize about being teased up to where where I'd do anything to cum, but just as it looks like I'm going to get what I want so much, I get that hot panic realization of what I've asked for and how much worse it's going to be but can't stop getting pushed over the edge no matter how hard I try, like the cartoons where a boat is going down the river and suddenly they realize there's this huuuuge waterfall and they can't turn around in time."

  5. Another girl here! I actually like human interaction better than machines though. I'd like to see more with a dom/boyfriend/etc. as I feel like there's a lot of images out there where the girl's been forced against her will or somesuch by a stranger rather than willingly being controlled by a man she loves.

  6. Dra, I'm glad Myya is not alone then! I agree, I do like the human interaction as well. I plan on doing more of that when i get time. you'll notice that none of the captions are actually 'forced'. I like a girl who is into denial taking on more then she can handle, either by accident or by being too horny when she decides her fate. Or a submissive who is entering denial to find true submission to her Master. So watch this space =]


  7. I LOVE the TTcB idea and have fantasized about that many times. I also love the Male Dom controlling the female orgasm beyond what my imagination has thought of. A mix would be nice. :) Please do not stop posting!!

  8. I would like to see more with the TTcB and related tech. I love the fully automated situations.

    I also like forced orgasm situations. I like to imagine an opposite to the TTcB called the finisher belt. Whenever it detects arousal, it gives an orgasm. it may or may not have a programmable lock-out timer so that it won't give to many in a row. Better not get turned on at work. It will end in orgasm whether you want it to or not.

  9. What about a social media option? Orgasm granted based on monthly polling? The belt would only unlock after giving 12 orgasms. The first 3 months orgasms granted if wearer has 70% of votes, next 3 months 80%, then 90%. For all following months 100%, meaning 1 person could effectively deny her forever!