Tuesday, 20 December 2011

TTcB captions by request three

Enjoy, thanks for the ideas!


  1. Very hot updates, thank you! Did Fioana even know about the advanced program? And Cindy could not resist to push her luck... Will she cum again? Sure, but will she get out of the belt? Time will tell...

  2. Fiona had noticed something about it in the paperwork but didn't bother to read it because she was sure she would grind enough...

    Not sure about Cindy, she'll be in it for a few years at least i'm sure. Until she gets very good at dealing with predicaments!

    Should have another post up by tonight, with a new theme for the TTcB,
    Stay tuned!


  3. Poor Fiona, barely missing the release condition. How different the original grind program is from her now active advanced grind training program.

    50% of her nights grinding, ending in orgasm each time as she passes the 3 our mark for half a year is more than 180 orgasms in those 6 month. Okay, she missed a few... Now she will barely cum at all. Love it!

    Fiona and Cindy are so far my favorites.

  4. I like making a situation where they set it up to cum just the right amount, then they get something wrong or something goes wrong and they spiral into extreme denial...

    I couldn't pick one favourite, I might repost my top ten some time though, that would be fun!