Thursday, 26 January 2012

Female Orgasm Denial Captions 2

I am busier now that the holidays are over, so as you can tell posts will be more spaced out. hopefully they will be more frequent then the last gap as I enjoy making captions a lot!

Anyway, here is a big post for you all to enjoy. I've focused on traditional Denial with no chemical or techno stuff and only a bit of chastity belts.

And thank you for all of the comments, I really appreciate them =]


  1. Great update. Voluntary chastity for a chance. Never had a woman offer that to me ;-)
    One offered to lick my feet after just 20 minutes of teasing while in bondage... Hello Christiane!

  2. Wonderful website, you don't seem much about female orgasm denial and as a female that enjoys it, I am glad to see a new website devoted to it.

    1. Hmmmmmm.......

      Tell me more....

      Mac Rabbit

  3. Yeah, hope there will be more soon. I enjoy the technical ones than the girls jumping into voluntary chastity.

  4. Just found your site recently, excellent works, cant wait to read more

  5. Please, "fork" out another one. I would love to know how the beta testing of the ttcb has ended, what error reports came in and what options there will be offered.

  6. PLEASE DON'T STOP!!! I keep clicking on your blog and just *POUT* no new one.

  7. Great Site, love orgasm denial and there isn't much out there for us girls, certainly not this good!