Monday, 2 April 2012

Captions 261-263. April fools!


  1. Please, more of these! So cruel!

  2. Btw, Nikki, if her second orgasm falls on April 1st, wouldn't be the first one, 12 month ago, also have fallen on April 1st? Or is the TTcB counting the months as 30 days each to make it easily calculate blue for the different programs? Would her sales rep maybe even tricked her to have her program started on a day so this would happen?
    We know there are some wicked people in odtc inc.

  3. I love the idea that a girl gets tricked into setting her yearly orgasm date for April 1. I imagine the sales woman trying not to giggle as she confirmed a lock up time of 10 years, with yearly orgasms on April 1, daily teasing from 8pm-midnight except Saturday which is noon-midnight.