Thursday, 26 April 2012

Captions 281-285. ODTC Island, DMU edition.

Lets spice up the comments a bit:

 Ladies, would you choose to enroll at DRU? If yes, or no, tell us why.

Gentlemen, would you want a DRU graduate as your submissive? If you had one, what would you do with her/her orgasms?

Enjoy, I look forward to your comments!


  1. I havent read thru them yet but I wanted to give a couple ideas if you wouldnt mind. Love the work btw.

    Since Im more into forced denial thats what this idea focuses on but it also involves the Island.

    Have there be a women only prison, where women of sexual crimes (or just any at all) are sent and tortured with denial and teasing. Some can be used as 'lab rats' to test new devices, lotions, and pills/injections. Some used as examples in the university (keep picturing one in stocks balling as they pull the vibrator out for the hundredth time without release). Some simply used or bought by the really evil Doms. No prisoner has a chance for early parole (or orgasm), but all have chances to extend their stay (and torment). All prisoners locked back up at night of course.

  2. Great as usual. I love the idea of DRU. I also love the idea of the relationship between DRU and companies that will recieve these ladies. I think DRU needs a co-op program, so these ladies can get some work study. I imagine that their coworkers will include some older ladies like in the last image.

  3. yes! I would sign up in a heartbeat! it sounds like the perfect place for little slut like me =D

  4. Kinkygoth: I'm not a big fan of the prison/ law enforcement side of orgasm denial fantasy, but thank you for the ideas, i'm sure some readers will enjoy it!

    Jeff: I have many ideas for companies etc. I'm sure a lot of situations will arise along those lines, though the ladies wont be too much older...

    Myya: it sounds like a hellish place for a traditional slut, but a perfect place for a denial slut, i presume you are the later of the two =p