Thursday, 10 October 2013

A Poll, an Idea and a Question: Please Read.

I know there is no caption in this post but please take a moment to read it and feed back with a comment!

Question/Idea: Would anyone be interested if I made a series of captions that I posted (on automatic post timer) over a period of time. Following a denied girl and her exploits. Designed so that you can deny yourself along with her. Teasing in ways that are described on the captions and only orgasming when she does. You could comment on how it was going for you and I'm sure that would entertain everyone.

Poll: I have had an incredible amount of views on this blog but I am curious as to the demographic of kink. Please please please vote on the poll above to let me know what the break down of visitors to the blog is. Tick all that apply to you.

Thank you and more captions are coming soon! (but will you be?)


  1. I like the idea but maybe captions that would tease and frustrate them more

  2. Oh yes, there would be plenty of teasing frustration in the captions. I'm thinking a couple of instructions in what they are and are not allowed to do until the next caption, and how they are meant to tease themselves. And also a bit of an erotic writing on how the fantasy girl is feeling. and a few other suggestive thoughts to turn the girls on...

  3. I would love a more interactive set of captions :)
    this reminds me of the caption that had the girl who was denied until a new post was on the site

  4. My favorite captions were your earlier beta testing of the TTcB. While interesting as your more recent efforts are, in general you are moving away from captions/stories I prefer.

    The recent one of the call girl that accidentally set too long a lock-down was a recent favorite.

  5. Loving the interactive idea!

    I once ran across a website where the visitors to the site could vote on if the featured submissive had earned an orgasm yet or if she should be denied another day/week/month etc. They could also vote on how often she should be edged. The sub had daily tasks or teasing given to her as well and kept a detailed journal of her experience. Her Master had set a few guidelines prior to the start such as an absolute maximum denial timeframe, and reserved the right to overrule the decision of the internet, but he wanted to prove to His sub that He was being kind to her in comparison to how others would torment her.

  6. I fully support this creative endeavor. If I had a girl I was actively denying right now I'd probably require her to play along. ;-)

  7. Please just keep posting. We missed you!!! The follow the exploits idea is hot. but most of all we miss your posts so bad.