Saturday, 14 December 2013

Orgasm Denial Game 1

This game is designed for submissive females wanting a challenge and a way of determining a length of self imposed denial.

The Rules:
1: Let us know you are playing, by all means keep it anonymous, just make up a name for the game and comment anonymously.
2: By getting involved and commenting you are giving something back to me, making the blog more interesting for everyone, and giving yourself more incentive to complete the challenge!
3: Be honest, if you fail, either try again or have a break, it is only a game! 

The game works as follows, read the first image below and follow the instructions. Do not read ahead, it will spoil the surprises!
The game will take about 60 minutes of your time now (or when you start playing). Once you have completed the game you will be able to work out how long you need to go without orgasm, the game will also give you rules/instructions as to how to tease yourself whilst denied.
The game takes into account how long you have previously gone without orgasm, making it tailored to fit each person individually.


  1. Think I will stick with barbie for my game name! Longest I have gone without an orgasm in a kink way is 96 days. I like all sorts of fun and kinky games, bondage, bimboisation, and both orgasm denial and forced orgasms. Love games and challenges too!

  2. I'm going to go with Kae for my game name. The longest I've gone without orgasm is about 20 days. I'm into a lot of different kinks but orgasm denial is my favourite.

  3. I'll go with "Katie".
    Longest orgasm denial about 45 days.
    Love orgasm denial and latex/vacuum bondage.

  4. As Katie, next period of denial is now 150 days.
    nbd, just over 3 times my last one.

    1. Sounds good katie. Do your best to make it. You can do it

  5. Katie, congratulations on being the first to comment with your results! You only managed 3 orgasms in one hour? I could only base it on the girls I have had encounters with but I judged people could average 6-8 if they knew they needed too. or maybe you where masochistic in your own way and subconsciously chose to orgasm less. Either way, do you think you can handle 150 days? Thats five months! If you do, I think you need some kind of reward, maybe a personalised caption about 'Katie'...

  6. I thought it was a 30 minute window to orgasm, not an hour? (That would certainly make a huge difference for results) With a mandatory 2 minute wait period in between stimulation post orgasm I think 3 in 30 minutes is close to what I would achieve also (were I not under restriction). If the 2 minute delay was lifted I might manage more because of the possibility of a multiple chain.

  7. Ah yes, you are right. I originally had 60 mins, I guess this has become labelled as 'hard' when it comes to games. If you look at the maths they need a minimum of ten orgasms to go less time than their longest time.... I do hope a few Masters/Doms make their subs play the game and hold them too this extended time...

  8. Hehe afraid I had to stop at caption 2, as I am on a no orgasm time at the moment, which then meant that the maths bit in caption 3 kinda fell apart (dividing by a 0 and all). Fun game though, hope there are more coming after I finish my no orgasm challange!

  9. Hi!
    I want to participate in a denial game like this so badly. But I have never done anything like this before and after reading about Katie's 150 days I can't bring myself to do it unless I know that I can follow through with it. The fantasies in your posts are so hot, but in reality I'm not even sure if I can make it two or three days. If you ever decide to create another game like this, please please please give us "padawans" something to put our minds at ease at least a little bit, and I promise to participate!

  10. Mai, good point, I am planning on making another game soon, and I will give it a noobie option, but you must promise to play and keep us informed!

  11. My game name is Virag. The longest I have without orgasm is two weeks. Orgasm denial and ruined orgasm are my favorites. I am locked in a cb6000 cage. I love it.

  12. Raryn is what my Mistress before I got married called me because I was always raring to go. The longest I have gone without is 24 days. For as long as I can remember I have been submissive and into bondage. My last Mistress introduced me to CFNM and chastity. Since I have been married it has been much more vanilla.

  13. What if you get zero orgasms? Do you go without forever?

  14. I choose name: Vigo
    I had maximum of 12 days with no orgasm so far.
    I`m 21 years old submissive boy.One day I dream of someone holding the key to my chastity device and only allow me to get released when I earn it by serving her for a weekend for example. I love stockings and ropes.

    I love reading the fantasies and captions in your blog, keep up the good work!