Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Orgasm Denial Game 2

The Task Challenge Game

This game is designed to bring out the inner submissive/slut/bimbo/slave in you ladies.
By completing tasks you earn orgasms and work towards completing the game. You also follow daily rituals to keep you aroused and horny.  
With a range of difficulties and task genres you should be able to make the game suitable for you and your situation, excluding scenarios that would not practically work for you.  

The game works as follows:
-Choose a difficulty, easy, medium or hard. 
-Choose three of the five genres of tasks below after reading through them all. 
-Choose rituals from the rituals list based on your chosen difficulty. 
-Comment on this post with your chosen game name, difficulty level, the three chosen genres and the daily rituals.

You play the game by completing tasks to earn orgasms. 

Below is a list of tasks, each task involves having an orgasm or earning an orgasm. The tasks are divided into genres based on type. Each task has a difficulty rating next to its title.  X is mild.  XX is medium. XXX is hard.

To end the game you must complete a task from each of the three genres at the chosen difficulty level or above. You can orgasm using any of the tasks at a lower difficulty level but this does not count towards ending the game. 

Once a task has been completed, it only counts towards ending the game if you comment on this post with the details of the task and how you felt etc. Otherwise the completed task is void.

Once you have had an orgasm using a task, that task cannot be used to orgasm again. If you fail to orgasm during a task, you must orgasm via a different task before being allowed to retry the failed task. 

Apart from when carrying out a task or a ritual, you are on no touch. No touching or stimulation of your pussy except for hygiene etc. You can earn teasing time by completing simple tasks, see the teasing list below. 

If you orgasm accidentally/when you are not allowed to orgasm you must restart the game. But you must increase the difficulty level by 1. 

This is a fantasy fun game, use common sense and don’t get hurt, arrested or cause distress to others. I take no responsibilities for any consequence that may occur from someone playing this game. 

Below are the genres, rituals and teases. Remember to comment!


  1. Great game. I hope a lot of ladies decide to play.

  2. Hmm. I have to admit that I read all the rules and tasks this morning already, but couldn't help playing with myself. I did promise to participate though, so here I go :)
    I'm going to go with 'easy'.
    The bimbo genre is hot but a bit too extreme for me. I don't have a BF either. So that leaves me with 'public', 'humiliation' and 'shy submissive'.
    My rituals will be the pegs and 'sleep well'.
    I will start with 'the pen' right now. Going to school tomorrow with the words still on my chest is going to be interesting.

  3. I did it! 24 hours with the words 'cum slut' on my chest. I honestly mostly forgot about it during the day, but having to just wash my hair instead of showering really was humiliating. The pegs weren't so bad yesterday, but falling asleep after edging took some time. Now please excuse me, I'm going to claim my reward :)

    1. Great that you are sticking to your word and playing! =p

      The pen is the odd one out, as I wrote it I knew it was easier than the rest but ran out of time and brain power to replace it.

      Its a Monday today, I wonder if your week is too busy to find time for the next task for a few days...

    2. Just did the Ice Man, although just barely. The cold does not make it easy. The preparations for this one were actually more humiliating than the last task. I had never bought condoms before and hoping my roommate doesn't find my new toy in the freezer was nerve-racking.

    3. Haha that is a useful side effect! well done for keeping us posted

    4. Just spent some time at a clothing shop, trying to do 'the hanger', but I failed miserably. Whenever someone walked past the curtain or I heard someone in the stall next to mine, I couldn't help but stop. Too afraid of making any suspicious sounds. I didn't even get close to finishing.

    5. Just ordered dinner for 'it will arrive hot' since I failed yesterday and still need to finish a task in the 'public' genre.

    6. Oh my god, this was the dirtiest thing I've ever done. I could totally feel drops of moisture running down my legs while I was talking to the delivery guy.
      I can't believe I actually did something like that. Thank you so much, chuckthrill!

    7. Well done on completing the game! Maybe try it on medium now... ?

  4. so hot.. more games please sir