Friday, 7 February 2014

Captions 408-409: Female Orgasm denial, reader suggestions!

So I have had a few emails in the last few months with caption ideas etc. I have made these to captions using inspiration from some of those ideas. Thank you, you know who you are!


  1. Two nice situations. :)

    The thought of embarrassment alone being the troublemaker in the second one seems a little less powerful.

    Hmm... perhaps when the belt unlocks, she only has a certain short time to orgasm and then put it back on, say five to ten minutes or so. Any delays beyond the given time result in ever worse settings for the next locked session.

    The trouble then is, can she orgasm with impatient people pounding on the door? And what if she is incapable of being quiet while cumming?

    Now she must choose between trying to cum quickly in a public place, putting the belt back on without cumming, or leaving the belt off until she can get to a place to have a good orgasm but knowing that she will suffer a far worse program once the belt is finally put back on. :)

    Thanks again, and keep them coming!

    1. Anon -

      Just posting to identify my old posts. I can't register freely to post under my own pseudonym at this time, so I will cheat a bit and label my contributions with "Anon" for now. :)

  2. tough call, one there is the peril of just locking it and the resulting situation. then there is the possibility of being caught and some one else locking it on her or taking the control. either way i want to see a follow up cap!

  3. what if for the first caption she has a boyfriend that loves for her to be in chastity and as a result, gives her blowjobs and makes out with her all the time to make her lose points. then she'll have to lick as many pussies as she can before her boyfriend makes her blow him again to remain positive

  4. ooo two very fun situations to find yourself in!

  5. I don't know...
    Just put it into trashcan?
    A ttcb might be expensive, but if desperate enough...

  6. I'd wrap it in a towel and run out ^^ I'd probably trip too, exposing my secret to everyone though :(