Monday, 24 March 2014

Caption 425: Female Orgasm Denial


  1. As simple as this caption and the accompanying image are, I still find them incredibly hot.

    Thanks for keeping these coming. You are the best!

    1. Anon -

      Just posting to identify my old posts. I can't register freely to post under my own pseudonym at this time, so I will cheat a bit and label my contributions with "Anon" for now. :)

  2. Permanent female denial - excellent! Like seeing those! Keep those captions coming!

  3. Like the idea of permanent denial. But I really don't know how the human body would react. Maybe as a kind of "self protecting programm" a permanent denied girl would become kind of assexual. I don't think there is serious research on this topic or on this particular question. But there ought to be medical studies in this field. Maybe someone should volunteer...

  4. LOVE the permanent female denial!!! Please post more captions like this!