Monday, 12 May 2014

Caption 443: Female Orgasm Denial


  1. Imagining the string of frustrated ladies left waiting for their five years of torment to end is a nice touch. :)

    1. Anon -

      Just posting to identify my old posts. I can't register freely to post under my own pseudonym at this time, so I will cheat a bit and label my contributions with "Anon" for now. :)

  2. The idea is really nice and especially the ending did it for me. One... complaint I have however is spelling. I believe that the word you were looking for was "bored" instead of "board". Little things like that can kill the buzz very easily (at least for me), so the couple of minutes it takes to proof read is not wasted, if it manages to keep little mistakes like that out of the final text. :)