Monday, 21 July 2014

Caption 462: Female Orgasm Denial


  1. A nice twist with the February 29th woman.

    Depending on when this happens, things could have been much worse.

    They added February 29 to leap years, because each real year is just under a fourth of a day more than 365 days long. So every year evenly divisible by 4 they add an extra "leap day" on February 29.

    But if you do that every four years, that slowly becomes too much. To fix this problem they SKIP the leap day every 100 years. Years like 1800 or 1900 normally would be leap years, but they have the regular 365 days.

    Imagine if this poor February 29th girl had her decade hit that. At best, a leap day girl is looking at three days in a decade (OxxxOxxxOx), but sje could have just two (xxOxxxOxxx). Imagine if it was only going to be two, and then she learned that her second one ended up being on a 100 year....

    Luckily for our lady, skipping the leap day every 100 years turns out to take just a tiny bit too much time off the calendar, so every 1000 years they have the leap day anyway.

    The year 2000 was one of these special years. It was divisible by 4 so it should have had a leap day, but it was divisible by 100 so the leap day should have been skipped, but it was also divisible by 1000 so they reinstated the leap day after all.

    Sorry for the calendar lecture. :)

    Imagine if the belts were designed so that if they were NOT opened on the selected day, they instead edged the wearer every five minutes for the whole 24 hours.

    Or maybe that would be the warm up routine.

    The week before your chosen date, the belt starts edging you more and more frequently until the day before it is nearly continuous, just to make sure you are primed and ready to do ANYTHING for your patron.

    Of course, if you end up not getting used, you are all worked up for nothing, and a whole year to wait again.

    Perhaps our leap year girl gets the full 24 hours of edging every March 1st on the years she is not chosen. Sort of a consolation prize. I'm sure she'll appreciate it... :)

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  2. At first it has been easy. Her assigned date was just three weeks after they had their belts fitted. At the time she had never been hornier in her life, never having been denied more than a week. She'd taken the double-or-nothing escalating edging option to her contract. The daily half hour of edging had been wonderfully stimulating at first, but in the two weeks before her "date" the edging increased in frequency and duration until the day before had left her in a dripping puddle of desperation.

    Thankfully, her employer had made use of her on her assigned date. She'd never been so desperate or enthusiastic for sex in her life. He certainly got his money out of her that was for sure.

    And that was after just three weeks of denial.

    The month after her date her belt gave her no edges. The first few days she didn't mind. She'd lost count of how many times she'd cum with her employer and her pussy was exhausted and a little numb. But as the month wore on, she began to miss her edging.

    Then the second month her daily half hour of edging started back up again. After just a few days she was already cursing herself for taking the option in her contract. She could never make peace with her denial by trying to ignore it because the damned belt would remind her every day at a random time just what she was missing.

    That first year almost drove her mad. She'd never gone more than a week without cumming before the contract, and she'd never edged before then either (part of the reason she casually signed up for that option). Somehow she made it to her date the next year. After an entire year of denial, the two-week build up in edging nearly brought her to collapse. After the final day of edging every 20 minutes she was begging her employer's assistants to let her go early.

    That made it all the more devastating when they told her that her employer had taken a sudden unexpected business trip and would not be requiring her services that year.


    1. Not being opened or receiving any contrary commands on her assigned date, her belt went into continuous edging. 24 hours straight with no more than a couple of minutes between edges. She did everything she could to push herself over the edge, powerful anal vibrators, Hitachis in both hands pressed against the maddening steel, but the belt was too clever for her. It simply incorporated her self-stimulation into its program and kept her mercilessly at the very precipice of cumming.

      When the edging stopped at sunrise the next day, she literally fell over and passed out.

      The rest of that year was a blur. She couldn't keep a regular job. She couldn't keep her mind on anything but the anticipation of her random daily edging. She stayed at home, exercising rigorously, practicing dancing, pole work, stripping, giving head and anal penetration. She dedicated herself to making sure that her employer would enjoy using her so much that he would never leave her behind on her date again.

      The third year she was ready. She almost welcomed the gradual increase in her edging. Almost. Finally, the time came for her to report to her employer. She couldn't trust herself to drive and soaked two separate towels in the cab on the way over. She presented herself exactly on time.

      The mansion doors opened at her arrival and she was greeted by the same assistants. The hint of sympathy behind their disciplined eyes said it all.

      Her employer's conference the previous year had gone so well that he had committed to attending every year. A powerful client hosted her employer in his own mansion and insisted that her employer make use of his estate concubines. He would likely never have need of her for the entire duration of her contract.

      She didn't have time to react before the belt went into continuous mode. Several days later, once her body had recovered, she was faced with a dilemma. If she asked to be released from her contract she would have to pay her employer double the money she would had been paid, including all the money she had already spent.

      There was absolutely no way she could afford that, but how could she handle another seven years of edge-induced denial?

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      Just posting to identify my old posts. I can't register freely to post under my own pseudonym at this time, so I will cheat a bit and label my contributions with "Anon" for now. :)