Monday, 7 July 2014

Story: Barbie's three stage progression...

Barbie's three stage progression... 

Once upon a time there was a young blonde woman called Barbie. She had always dreamed of orgasm denial and chastity. her biggest sexual fantasy was to become a slutty bimbo, driven by a need to orgasm.

One day she met a Dominant man, they soon became friends and he agreed to help fulfil her fantasies. A week later she was locked in her new TTcB. 

They had talked and agreed on her limits and what she wanted to achieve. 
She knew she would be stubborn and may try to back out of the game. 
So her ‘safeword’ was in fact a 6 digit code she could type into the TTcB. 
Once entered it would lock for 5 years, and not allow orgasm in that time,
 it would then unlock and she would be free. 
The only way for her to leave the game before he decided it was finished was for her to  knowingly forfeit any chance of orgasm for half a decade.  
She knew she wouldn’t use the ‘safecode’ unless she absolutely had to.

This was mainly her suggestion. She wanted to be pushed.
She knew she needed to be taken beyond what she thought were her limits.
The only way to do this was to make it very difficult for her to back out. 

The rules of the game were simple, but far from easy. 
She had a chance to orgasm at the end of each month. 
But only if she had completed a task from the list he had created. 
The catch was that she also had to again complete every task she had already completed in previous months. 
Making each orgasm more difficult to achieve. Not only would she miss an orgasm at the end of the month if she failed to complete all previous tasks and a new task, 
but she would also forfeit the next orgasm she did manage to earn. 
So the consequences of failing were very high. 
Although she fantasised about severe orgasm denial, 
she was a horny girl and had never gone more than a week without an orgasm.
 The prospect of going without for three months just for failing a task made her work extra hard at each task.
 10 months in to the game and she had not failed once.  

With all of her tasks combined she now had to; 

-Never wear anything longer than 1/3 down her thigh, 
-Always wear full slutty make up, 
-Never wear footwear with under 5 inch heels, 
-Always wear a double push up bra with a top that had cleavage on show, 
-Maintain long platinum blond hair, 
-Maintain her body weight and good, athletic figure, 
-Have at least 5 guys buy her a drink in a bar each week, 
-Make out with and be groped by a new guy in a nightclub or bar every 2 days, 
-Suck a new cock every 4 days, 
-And if she bumps into a guy in the street who’s cock she has already sucked, she must immediately find a public toilet or bush etc and once again suck his cock.  


After she had completed the 10 tasks, he left her for  2 more months to get used to doing all of them every month. 
On the first anniversary of her being locked in the TTcB he explained to her how the second year of her denial would work. 
She would need to continue to maintain the 10 tasks,
 but her chances to orgasm would be reduced to once every three months.
 He also added an 11th task, she now had to also make out with a new girl every week.

On the second anniversary of the start of the game he once again explained the next,
 and final, stage. 
Unless she used her ‘safecode’ right now, the escape duration would increase to 9 years. 
Of course she chose to continue, she was addicted to the game and couldn’t bear the thought of going 5 years, let alone 9, without an orgasm. 
She was already struggling to cope with 3 month gaps!

He then informed her that her chances to orgasm would be reduced to once a year. 
And that a new task was to eat a new girl’s pussy every weak. 
This stage would last indefinitely, until she used her ‘safecode’. 

She was shocked, scared and highly aroused by the new, final stage.
 It was only when he reminded her of her old fantasies, 
that she realised she was now living in her exact fantasy. 
She was a slutty, blonde, bisexual, make up and heel wearing bimbo who spent most of her times in clubs and bars finding men and woman to facefuck her whilst she was kept perpetually  frustrated and horny by a demonic chastity belt that teased her aching denied pussy daily. 
As the realisation flickered across her face, the TTcB gave her the end of month orgasm she had been waiting for. 
The last orgasm she would have without having to go through at least a year of denial to earn it... 


  1. Great story. Loving the tasks as well as the writing. It was an excellent little vignette.

  2. Nice. Too long for a caption, so no real way to hold on to it, but great none the less.

    Thanks, and keep them coming! (But not cumming!) :)

    1. Anon -

      Just posting to identify my old posts. I can't register freely to post under my own pseudonym at this time, so I will cheat a bit and label my contributions with "Anon" for now. :)

  3. I've been jealous of your girls before... but never as jealous of anyone as I am of Barbie right now

  4. I soooo want to be Barbie right now! I really enjoy these story caption =)

  5. Oh my good lord I want to be Barbie but I also kinda want to add that the orgasm that started the once yearly was ruined and that there was a chance everytime from then in that the yearly orgasm would be ruined too.