Friday, 15 August 2014

Captions 469-470: ODD

ODD is Orgasm Denial Dating. A website specifically for females who are into denial and the men/women who like to deny them.



  1. I recall you had some captions regarding an ill-defined such site a while back. Good to see it returning. Will you be linking the concepts together? And when can we start joining the actual site? :-)

  2. Great dating site, think I need to sign up ;)

  3. I think there should be a way to automatically link control of a TTCB to an ODD profile, so that if a girl wearing a belt accepts a date with someone on ODD, control of the belt can automatically be transferred to that person, and there should be a large number of settings for how much control is transferred when.

    Maybe there are settings so there is the option of transferring only partial control, for example the ability to edge/induce ruined orgasms only, and no ability to unlock the TTCB.

    Also, the amount of time the other person has control should be a setting. It could be configured so that if either person chooses not to go on another date, all instructions are reset to what they were before the date. Alternatively, maybe they have a set time like two weeks that all instructions will last for, whether or not they go on a second date. Maybe while control to edge is granted on the first date, but control to unlock is only granted after a certain number of dates (so she better keep him happy!)

    I think it would be great to see some captions showing the available controls on the ODD website, and maybe a few girls who aren't thinking too clearly while making their selections and get themselves in trouble.

    1. Good idea. There is actually some new captions about another website, E.L.F. which are appearing soon, they are a bit more like what you have suggested. But with a monitory side of things. (guys buy control of belts online)

      I do like your idea and will read this again when i'm next making captions

    2. Anon -

      I look forward to seeing those new captions. I appreciate how open you are to not just sharing your creativity, but collaborating with your readers to make even more. :)

      As a side note, I appreciate the mini-thrill that came from seeing the supposed short geographical distance between my location and the women in the captions and the recent times they were last on. I know this is fake, but it still got to me nonetheless. :)