Wednesday, 31 December 2014

Captions 511-514: Archive Female Orgasm Denial 2

Part 2...


  1. Anon -

    IMAGE ONE: If only she had looked closer. The controls actually said "set times to orgasm"

    She'd just locked herself into the default demonstration program, the one where it used examples of every single one of the belt's functions tease, denial, and torture functions to give the user an overview of what the belt was capable of. The program was never intended to be actually used. It would take over four years to run through all the devious gut-wrenching settings included in the demonstration program.

    By the time the belt runs its whole cycle, her body and mind will have been twisted in every way imaginable.

    And all with only a single orgasm along the way to help her through her suffering...

  2. Anon -

    IMAGE TWO: She was damned if she did, and damned if she didn't. If a month of denial in the belt resulted in blowjob perfection, then why would he ever let her orgasm more often? In fact, if it took a month of denial to create perfection of service, why would he ever let her cum at all? That would mean another month of waiting for her to become desperate enough again.

    The only way to prove that she had truly learned, would be if her performance was perfect even after she orgasmed. Otherwise he would keep her in denial to maintain her drive.

    Of course, if she failed, she would be denied anyway.

    And even if she did prove that a single month of denial made her permanently a perfect blowjob artist, how long would he deny her to perfect the other arts? Anal service, handjobs, subservience...

    But she must push all these thoughts aside. The doorknob was turning and her master was here.

  3. Anon -

    IMAGE THREE: She had wanted a life of passion and pleasure, with each moment soaked in sexuality and awareness. She had feared the bliss would pass all too quickly, that such a state could not be maintained.

    Now, a full year of service and denial later, she strokes the cock within her mouth with her tongue and spares a rare moment's thought for what has been. Her every waking moment is obsessed with sex. She can never escape her need. She is drowned every moment with reminders of what she desires and can never have. Her mind is blank of thought with only rare moments of self-reflection like now. She floats in a sea desire and frustrated need. Every stroke of her lips and tongue, every groan of another's pleasure in her ears, grinds her soul into the reality of her loss, and prevents her from losing herself within.

    Her fears of time's swift passage were unfounded. Her life, her need, keeps her focused on every waking moment, dragging each second out and ensuring she experiences every exquisitely frustrating detail.

    And now, the moment of her release approaches. With what few fragments of her mind are left, she considers what it would mean to be released. Released from this world-filling need. Release from a universe focused down to the single point of a cock in her mouth and the grunts of another's pleasure.

    She imagines what freedom would bring her, what it would be like to return to a normal existence.

    The belt beneath her legs clicks. The locks undone.

    With the cock still in her mouth, she fumbles down between her legs with her hand, and presses the metal back together again, locking the belt around her loins once more.

    She closes her eyes and focuses on the feeling of the cock between her lips, on the sound of the cock's owner's grunts of pleasure.

    Her hand rubs across the belt controls randomly, sealing herself within its control behind a release code that neither she, nor anyone else, will ever know.

    Her body shudders with the loss of every future orgasm, then she loses herself with the movement of the cock filling her world.

  4. Anon -

    IMAGE FOUR: The time on the clock clicked down. No sign of her friend. She opened the envelope, curious as to its contents.

    Just a card with a long random string of numbers and letters.

    She flipped the card over. There was a website on the back and something called a belt registry number.

    She decided to check out the site before burning the card. The web page was mostly blank. Just a few questions in basic font on a white that made little sense.

    She entered the belt registry number when asked, then clicked through the questions somewhat randomly, trying to get to a main screen. The pages wouldn't let her go onto the next one until she typed something in.

    Frustrated she just started filling every blank with lots of 9's until it let her hit return and move on to the next page.

    Eventually there was a single question, "Confirm and lock settings? Y/N"

    She typed "Y", but then the screen went blank after briefly stating, "Settings locked. Enter original release code in the next five minutes to undo changes."

    Ah well, that was boring. She tucked the card back into the envelope, then set it on fire with her lighter before tossing it into the fireplace.

    Her friend always had been weird. Wonder what this was all about or why she hadn't called or anything?

    She looked down at her phone. It was dead. 0% charge. Oh, well. She'f find out what this was all about later.