Sunday, 8 March 2015

Caption 526: Female Orgasm Denial


  1. This is among the best captions you've produced, in my opinion.

    I'd love more captions related to training programs like this.

    Keep up the good work!

  2. Anon -

    No, she wouldn't do it.

    She deliberately turned her head and walked past him, his aftershave lingering in his wake. Saliva flooded her mouth and her juices leaked past her belt at the scent. She could imagine the skin of his cock on her lips, almost feel the fullness of him in her mouth, the thrust of him deep in her open throat, the pulsing of him as he squirted deep within, her nose buried in his belly.

    She opened her eyes to see her quaking steps were chasing after him.

    No! But already she was reaching for his shoulder, whispering breathy promises in his ear. Rubbing herself against him. Using all the skills she had learned to best push a stranger into giving her what she needed as quickly as possible.

    Inside she screamed as she led him behind a dumpster and dropped eagerly to her knees, her hands shaking in anticipation as she lowered his zipper.

    She howled from within as he groaned his pleasure into her. Waves of distant satisfaction and echoes of her own remembered passion etching the lines of behavior even deeper in her mind.

    The last spurts of his desire were still washing down her throat and already her need was turning her mind to her next seduction.

    No, next time she would resist. Next time she would not give in she told herself, exactly as she had every time for the last five years.

  3. When she walks in the arousal she is radiating draws my attention instantly. As she scans the room our eyes lock and the next 10 minutes is a bit of a blur till we find ourselves in the back of my car.

    Then as her hand reaches into my pants, just as my slides under her dress. Then everything stops as we find what neither of us expected. As she explains the TTcB, I realize she is in the same test program as me, except for women.