Monday, 23 March 2015

Caption 528: Female Orgasm Denial


  1. another amazing caption!! love your work keep it up

  2. Anon -

    He would buy them in bulk. Factory rejects from off-market brands or discarded lots from fly-by-night manufacturers that had grabbed what profits they could then moved on to other scams before the lawsuits caught up with them

    He didn't care that the electronics were haphazard, or even if they worked at all. The more broken they were, the more he got off on inflicting them on unsuspecting women.

    Nothing gave him more of a thrill than convincing a passionate woman with a desire to dip her toe into the forbidden world of denial to click the lock on one of these unpredictable belts.

    He was very good at it. He had a knack for knowing just how to get them to try them on. Some were curious and just wanted to try a belt for a weekend. Others knew exactly what they wanted and he would trick them by slipping them a non-TTcB. He would sell his belts to unsuspecting women online, marketing them as used real TTcB's, for sale cheap. He more than made his money back from just a few of these "discount" sales a year.

    No matter how he did it, once the women clicked their belt's lock, their fate was sealed. (The industrial strength glue capsules he hid in the cheap locking mechanisms ensured that.)

    The lucky ones simply found themselves locked in unbreakable chastity for the rest of their lives.

    Other less fortunate ones ended up with belts that randomly teased and/or shocked them.

    Or whose remote tease and torture codes were widely circulated on online forums.

    Or, in one memorable batch of belts, had their tease functions activated by the remotes of a popular brand of garage door openers.

    Regardless, he stuck around only long enough to ensure that the belts were locked on. Then he would disappear, off to find his next victim...

  3. Suppose cheap manufacturers would not bother to make the fake belts as unbreakable as the genuine one. Try a hacksaw, then.

    1. Anon -

      True, but two points.

      Firstly, if a woman believes herself trapped in a legitimate TTcB, she would know that trying to cut through would be hopeless and so wouldn't even think to try.

      Secondly, I would imagine that the electronics and control systems would by far be the most expensive part of the belts. With that fact, it might even be cheaper for off-brand manufacturers to buy legitimate belt housings than to try to make their own. The profit for them would be in using their own shoddy electronics and passing the belts off as equal in quality to the real TTcBs.

    2. Electronics are very cheap if you make it large quantities, and the imaginary electronics of the TTcB isnt complicated (except the 100 year battery life, that is impossible (search: self-discharge)).

      However it is expensive to make steel belt (or anything) individually in the right size.

      btw i really like your captions, thanks. (and sorry for my bad english)

    3. Anon -

      I had not considered the custom fitting of the belts. You are correct, that would remove the chance for saving money by using "one size fits all" belts.

      Regarding the electronics, I was considering the high-tech sensors and stimulators along with the specialized programming required to accomplish all that the official TTcBs can do.

      Hmm... In the world of the TTcBs, one might imagine that custom 3-D printing of the actual metal belts to specific measurements provided by the buyer might come to be fairly cheap, but manufacturing the sensors, stimulation devices, and feedback programs would be difficult since the official TTcB company would hold those design secrets tightly.

      Easier for a cheap company to just build in some sort of low level teasing equipment too weak to ever give an orgasm and maybe throw in some shocking electrodes. By the time the customer realizes the cheap belts can't offer the full suite of options the official belts offer, the fake company has left town.

      Regardless of the reality of this fake world, thinking about the details can be entertaining. :)

      And thanks for the praise. I'm glad I'm able to add some entertaining embellishments to the official captions.