Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Caption 530: Female Orgasm Denial


  1. Hmm, I like the basic concept. Would love to see a more detailed set of options though, maybe with some options turning on or off special features of the belt. Like maybe a 2% pie-slice that would automatically upload a personal ad for "Hot Brunette seeking Cock to Suck" and activating the belt's GPS transmitter. Could have a lot of fun scenarios pre-built into roulette option.

    Though that might require a longer caption to really explore the idea. Still, just a thought. Love this concept! :-)

    - B-Rex,

  2. Oh my that's really hot. I would be tempted to play. However it would be totally possible that she will go a decade in chastity.

  3. Hehe LOVE this game, sounds great fun. And your ideas sound great fun too B.Rex!


  4. love your work

  5. So, even while paused, the belt is still teasing her just as much to try and get her to press the useless button, right? Right? It had better be. :-)

  6. Anon -

    To make the wheel even more devious, I would drop the orgasm wedge to 45% and the ruined orgasm to 20% and add two add new options:

    5% Secret Orgasm - This acts exactly like the Orgasm option, but it also pauses the belt for one month.

    5% Ruined Secret - This acts exactly as the Ruined Orgasm option, but it also pauses the belt for 1 month.

    With the original settings, when the woman wearing the belt finally caves in from all the endless teasing and presses the button, she would know exactly what had happened. If she orgasms, she knows she can press the button again right away if she wants to play again. If she has a ruined orgasm, again, she knows she can play again right away. If she presses the button and nothing happens, she knows she has been paused and pressing the button will be useless for at least a month.

    However, with the new settings, the only time the woman will know she is paused is if nothing happens when she pushes the button, and even then, she won't know if she is paused for a month or a year...

    The only way to know if you are paused if you have an orgasm/ruined-orgasm would be to press the button and play again. However, if nothing happens when you press the button, that either meant you were already paused, OR you just stuck yourself into pause for either a month or a year. You would never know if you were already being tortured or if you just submitted yourself to more endless teasing.

    The uncertainty of your situation would make you fight the belt's teasing until your mind completely crumbles under your need and your are willing to risk anything for the chance of relief.

    1. Anon -

      With these two new tweaks, even your orgasms and ruined orgasms are spoiled because you never know if that was the last relief you might have for a long time.

  7. On average, pressing the button will result in an additional 1.28 months in chastity. Additionally you might want a strategy that minimizes the expected time between orgasms (rather than the simple strategy of never pushing the button, so just waiting the full year initially).

    The average spacing between orgasms in months is given by (12+1.28x)/x, where x is the number of orgasms in total. This has no minimum for x finite, however it converges to 1.28. Hence, one strategy is to press the button every 1.28 months (where allowed, if you have to wait years, press it as soon as able). Actually this is just the strategy in advance, you would need to re-calculate expected values (update) with every button press to change the optimal strategy.

  8. Let's just say that part of my job requires that I understand this type of math, and I'm quite good at these sorts of scenarios.

    If the girl tries her luck 6 times or until she hits a pause, whichever comes first:
    - 3.3% chance of a 5-year pause
    - 13.1% chance of a 1-year pause
    - 65.8% chance of a 1-month pause
    - 17.8% chance of only orgasms and ruined orgasms

    If, however, she is not deterred by a 1-month pause and will press it 6 times until she hits either a 1 or 5 year pause:
    - 5.3% chance of 5-year pause
    - 21.2% chance of 1-year pause
    - 73.5% chance of orgasms, ruined orgasms, and 1-month pauses

    Now that's the sexiest math I've ever done. And I don't envy her the odds.

  9. Anon -

    Closer, closer, yes, almost there...

    She'd finally broken down and pressed the button. That had been nearly an hour ago. Since then the belt had been bringing her ever so diabolically slowly to her peak, and she was almost there.

    After three months of self-imposed denial, this was what she was trembling for. Four times previously over the last year she had broken down and pressed the button. All four times she had been lucky and been rewarded with an hour-long build up to a shattering orgasm. She knew the odds weren't in her favor, but three months was the longest she'd ever been able to resist pressing the button. The belt's incessant random teasing was an ever present torment, and finally, after three unrelentless months of agonizing torture, she'd given in.

    Yes... she watched the seconds count down for the final minute. The belt had her nude body writhing on the floor, her skin slick with sweat, playing her need like a master musician.

    Yes, yes, YES.... NO!!!!!!!!!!!!\\

    The final second ticked on the clock and the belt halted all sensation. Her body arched, head an heels on the floor, her pelvis thrust skyward trying to gain that final bit of sensation needed to push her over the edge.

    It had been an ruined orgasm.

    She collapsed. Her heart hammered. Her cunt spasm, trying to reach through the steel for any touch, anything to give it what it so desperately needed.

    She curled fetal on the floor, gasping.

    She couldn't take it. She had to have an orgasm. She NEEDED it, more than she'd ever needed anything.

    With desperation-trembling fingers she pressed the button again...


    The belt had spin its hidden wheel again and the result came up paused.

    She hammered at the button in desperation, her mind screaming "No! No! NO!!", but to no avail.

    She was locked away with no chance of cumming. Was it a month? A year? Five years?!

    She went limp on the floor, too weak to sob.

    She didn't know how long she lay there before the faintest of stimulations caressed her hyper-aching pussy. The belt had begun her new ordeal of teasing.

    She couldn't image how she could bear it.

  10. anon - you've done it again and brought an excellent caption and idea to vivid life. I can almost see her writhing around and her sweat pearls dripping of her body. But I don't get the conclusion (or I misunderstood the roulette wheel) - all options which pause the program would let her orgasm first, except the 5 year option. So if nothing happens, it could only be 5 years. Or maybe that is it and she just did not realize it yet. But wouldn't she be teased first? That would be such bad luck after being lucky 4 orgasms... and it seems the year is almost over already when she caved in again.

  11. Anon -

    @ Airmat: You are correct about the fact that she should have known instantly that she had a five year pause ahead of her. That oversight on my part alters several of the comments I made above. Thanks for pointing that out to me.

    As the caption actually reads, when a belt wearer orgasms, she won't know if she's paused until she tries to press the button again. It places the unknown factor onto every orgasm rather than every pause. I like that.

    Only the horror of the 5 year pause would be revealed by the lack of a normal or ruined orgasm...

    In my own excitement at looking at the odds given in the original caption and thinking of the possibilities, I somehow missed the fact that only the five year pause denied her an orgasm.

    Regarding your last comment. You are right. She ALMOST made it a year. Only a few days left actually. But I imagine the belt's teasing as the end of the year approaches would be become almost unbearable as it does its best to tempt the wearer into pressing the button before she is released. And in fact, in my little scene, the belt is too much for her and she succumbs. Much to her regret as we see. :)

    I wish there was a way to go back an edit old posts (if only for all the missed typos in my work, it's hard to catch everything typing in these narrow three-line comment windows).

    For now, just imagine the above scene with her instantly knowing she has been condemned to five years of torment with no chance of relief.

    Of course, what she DOESN'T know, is that the belt keeps recording all the futile button pushes while she is paused. A fact she will rue deeply five years from now...

  12. Anon - Don't worry. Your extension of the idea in the caption is highly appreciated (as are the ones before this caption). Your story did it for me, as it is still conclusive, and when her fogged mind is clearing up after the button not responding she would be wondering if she has a month, a year or 5 years to be paused. The year was almost over and she had been lucky so far. Maybe she forgot the exact pausing options and only a day later when studying the manual for the TTcB's factory-build programs again, she would be hit by a ton of bricks when she realizes that there is only the 5 year pause where the belt does not deliver anything. Just think about devastating this would feel, her sex and orgasms locked away for that long, while being teased and edged by the device. And that after she has been so disciplined and not pressed the button often and always endured the merciless teasing for months on end. And then her luck turned THAT sour a few days before the year was over... how unlucky can be girl at chastity roulette.

    Or maybe she caved in because the year was nearing completion and she wanted to ride that adrenaline thrill again... not the thrill of the orgasm alone but of that rush when pressing the button, knowing there is that small probability for extensive long-term chastity, that damocles sword which makes the whole gamble so exciting.

    But it is really fun to see that these preset programs and orgasm gambling option really draw the comment crowd.

  13. Why don't you make your own captions?

  14. I do. But my blog is invite only as I don't own the copyright of the captioned images I do, so they are not public. If you want to see them drop me an email at gummiluft matratze at gmail com (no spaces) and I can invite you to read them.

  15. But still... We all enjoy discussing the caps here and taking the fantasy a step further and looking at the different scenarios.

  16. I didn't get the full gravity of the mind fuck this caption holds at first.
    The only time you really know where you stand is after a ruined orgasm, or after you've been paused for a year.
    An orgasm might be just an orgasm - or it might be the last for a while.
    Nothing happening might mean 5 years - or it might just mean you're on a pause. Imagine waiting on pause for a year - desperately hoping your next press will bring an orgasm, not the nothingness that indicates 5 years. And then - when that orgasm doesn't come - are you one year into a 5 year pause or have you just started a new 5 year pause?