Monday, 23 February 2015

Caption 524: Female Orgasm Denial


  1. Anon-

    15 minutes later:

    BEEP - "Hello honey, it's me. Tell you what. Since I can't be there tonight for our special night like we wanted to, how about we play a little game to keep you occupied until I get home. I know you've been eyeing your TTcB and wanting to get a bit more daring. So why don't you go ahead and put it on and think about how you want to get yourself all worked up for me. Think of a program that will have you hopping and really ready for when I get home. Program that in and wait for my next call. I'll have a little surprise for you then. I'll give you a bit to get all settled then call you back."

    20 minutes later:

    BEEP - "Hello honey, it's me again. I see with my phone app that you're all locked up and a program is running. Good girl. I can just imagine how you must be squirming right now, thinking of what I'm going to do. I know you probably set yourself a nice little teasing regimen, maybe even an edge or two until I get home. I'm not even going to look at what you've done. Instead, I'm going to help you with those fantasies of yours, the ones where you really want to push yourself."

    "Let's see. First thing, I'm going to do is have it delete whatever tease and edge settings you might have chosen. I know said you've really been looking forward to trying out some intense experiences, but just didn't believe you could handle more than one or two edges in a day. Well, I'm going to help you with that. Let's have it edge you numerically by the hour. You understand that love? It's going to edge you once during the first hour, twice in the second hour, three times in the third hour, and so on until your duration ends. Don't worry, it has an auto reset function after 24 hours that resets the cycle back to one and starts over for the next day, but that shouldn't be an issue."

    "Now let's see. If I know you, you probably chickened out and only programmed this for a few hours before unlocking. Edging two or three times is more than you've ever done before, but I want to help you live out your fantasies and get you REALLY going for when I get home. So, I'm just going to have the program double whatever time settings you've selected. That should make it extra fun for you. I know you can do this honey. And believe me, I'm looking forward to seeing you all worked up when I get home."

    No, he had no idea what he had just done. Now she'd be locked up for two months for every hour until the button was pressed and would suffer an ever escalating number of edges each hour every day until the reset at midnight and the cycle started all over again.

    Twelve hours before he got home at the best, that was two years of torment! There was no way she could handle that. She'd be a mindless mess of need in just a day.

    BEEP - "Hey hon, me again. They just announced another weather delay. Looks like I'll be spending the night here after all. Hope you enjoy your special little program. I'll see you in about thirty hours or so. Damn, I'm hard as a rock just thinking about you in your belt. Heh, I'm tempted to keep you in there for a few extra hours once I get home. See what all you'll be willing to do for me after those edges. You know I love your mouth, and I've been lusting after that ass of yours. See you tomorrow, babe."

    The clock chimed. The first tickling sensations started to grow in her cunt as the belt slowly began to build her toward her first edge...

  2. This is disappointing for all my favorite adult-oriented captioned blogs. I don't quite know much about the content policy of WordPress, so I cannot solidly recommend it. Hope it goes well. GL

  3. As she read his last message about doubling all her time settings, she fumbled for the instruction manual, encumbered as she was. Eventually, she grabbed it, and to her horror, realised that she had set it for 6 months/hour, not 1 month... so now each hour untouched meant a year locked... she hoped her heart would stop... and soon... Or she might just die of dehydration as she wept helplessly...