Friday, 13 January 2017

Caption 568: Female Orgasm Denial

Ta Da!


  1. Wonderful !

    Long inspiration to you !

  2. Fantastic idea! I bet some women start off at first telling themselves that they wouldn't deceive anyone, they couldn't possibly be that cruel. A week, a month, maybe even a year later they're spending every ounce of energy doing exactly that.

  3. Genius! Simply genius. And the longer it goes one, the more competitors there are. At some point it could happen that two locked girls try to seduce each other - just to realise
    their prey was actually a hunter.

    You should definitevly write some follow ups, there are also some questions remaining open: Why should a locked girl after having successfuly locked another girl tell their victim how the game works? That only means more competitors in the field.
    And where do they get all the TTcBs from?
    I'd suggest a story line like this: After being locked, their TTcB plays a short audiofile pointing to a website. On the website, they tell them that their only chance to get rid of the belt is to provide personal details about their sexual life etc. If they do, they get to know how it works and are sent 10 belts for free.
    Perhaps, behind it is a very cruel organisation collecting data on the sexual activities of girls around the world.

  4. I hope the belt teases the girl increasingly with each new victim.Making her incredibly desperate and the task more difficult to achieve in her horny state. Perhaps each new lock gives her 25 additional edges, everyday, until she gets all 10.