Sunday, 5 March 2017

Caption 575: Female Orgasm Denial

I'm rather pleased with ingenuity of the next few captions, and a new theme series is about to start all about ODTC...

For the next couple of months there are captions I've posted and scheduled for two per week, one every Sunday and one on a random weekday, enjoy!

I don't know what is up with the resolution on this image, tried to increase it but no dice. I've added the text below:

Imagine if every TTcB were controlled and piloted by a tiny crew. . . The belt containing system rooms and a bridge just above the front lock… 

Bridge from Sensor Room, arousal status at 89%, edge imminent. 

“Sensors from Bridge, received. 
Stimulation control from Bridge, ease it back, reporting edge imminent from Sensors.”

“Bridge, Stimulation control, received stepping down tease throttle.”

“Bridge from Sensors Urgent”

“All Stations silent, Sensors from Bridge go ahead”

“Arousal Spike to 94%, passed edge, orgasm immanent, say again, orgasm immanent”

“Stimulation Control  from bridge shut down, say again shut down”

“Stimulation Control shutting down”

“Enforcement from Bridge, stand by primary for discharge,  charge secondary”

“Enforcement received, primary ready, standing by.”

 “Sensor Room and Enforcement from Bridge, authorised talk through for intervention action. Enforcement free to release primary on Sensor command.”

“Enforcement from Sensor Room stand by for incoming, Arousal at 94.5%, aiming for ruined at 94.9%.  Prepare for release in T-3, 94.6%  T-2, 94.7%.    T-1 94.8%. 
94.9% reached, Engage Primary Engage, Engage.”

“Enforcement confirmed Primary releasing, Brace Brace for turbulence”. 

*Her body jerked and shuddered as the electric shock jolted through her pussy, the small amount of relief she could have gained from at least a ruined orgasm lost in the sting of the electric shock.*

“Enforcement from Bridge,  stand by for Secondary, release when ready.” 

“Bridge from Enforcement  confirmed Secondary releasing, Brace Brace for turbulence.”

*Her body jerked again as the second shock hit her, her arousal dropped considerably as she left the edge far behind*

“Bridge from Sensor Room , arousal status drop to 23%”

“Received Sensor Room, Stimulation control, from Bridge jump her up to 60% and progress moderate rate to 80%, hold there until the eighteen hundred hours edge.”

“Bridge, Stimulation Control, wilco.”

“ Data Centre from Bridge, Log increase in sensitivity to point of no return, adjust stimulation units and sensors to match next Denial Phase.“

“Bridge from Data Centre, received, advanced systems to match Denial Phase 4”

“Bridge to all stations, well done, we’re into denial phase 4, good catch on that ruined, Bridge out.” 


  1. Looks like it would be interesting, if I could read it.
    That seems to happen to me a lot lately. Guess I'm getting old. But the weird colors of lettering against a grey background in a minute face don't help any. :-(