Sunday, 2 April 2017

Captions 583-584: Female Orgasm Denial - Would You Rather?

Over teased or over tormented?

Girls, if you had to choose, would you want setting A or B?
Guys, would you rather have girl A or B? Based on settings and looks of course!

Comment and tell us!


  1. Well setting B is a little poorly thought through. If she doesn't swallow, no punishment cycle will ever start. So if she doesn't swallow at all, no torture. So I'd definitely chose A for my girl.

  2. Girl A. But she would, of course, be kept gagged most of the time and mostly be used anally. She'd be allowed out of the gag and permitted to suck cock only rarely - and most of those times be rewarded with cum all over her face and tits rather than in her mouth. The first time she's not properly grateful for even that small reward, an extra 12 months gets added.

    1. This��... A and desperate

  3. While I normally like blondes more, there is something about B that attracts me more to her. Also I'm a bit more sadistic, so her setting sounds a lot more fun, especially considering work days of eight or nine hours. I'll go with B.

  4. I would much rather be girl A, because I would get plenty of edging and teasing to keep me horny, but a chance to make it stop when it becomes too much. Girl B will frequently be in pain, either from the shocks or from her master making her submit to cruel torture to earn the right to deep throat him. Also, she won't be very aroused, due to the lack of teasing and the unavoidable shocks, so the sexual servitude and public humiliation her master demands will be that much harder to bear.

    Which of course means setting B turns me on more and is the one I would choose . . . and then regret.

  5. Girl B, similar to Lorelei it turns me on so much... and I know I'd regret it at some point but then it would be to late. And the rest is just icing ^^

  6. I'd rather have girl A serving me. I'm not into pain, really, and option B means I basically have to get a blow job every 8 hours or more to keep her from being in pain. That would get rather tedious for me!

    Now, letting my girl go a few days without doing anything but be teased and edged while I was otherwise occupied, that sounds like my kind of fun.

  7. like the other ladies I would go B there is something very erotic about regret.. llolsara

  8. I would totally choose C

  9. A, not much into pain and letting her be teased could be fun.