Monday, 18 September 2017

Captions 604-605: Female Orgasm Denial


  1. I can only assume that the next software update will occur in exactly 17 months and 27 days. Diabolical technology revenge

  2. When the penny drops, will she dare complain to the ODTC about their employee's behaviour, or will she throw herself on the woman's mercy and do whatever she demands in the hope of one day being released from her endless suffering?

  3. Great cap. How the TTcB had impacted her life already, the growing pleasure well written the snatched away before we meet the ever helpful operator, her patter fun to watch.

  4. [Part 1 of 3]

    Anna Ryan,

    Thank you for contacting technical support regarding a
    possible malfunction of your TTcB.

    As explained by the support specialist who spoke with you online, our records indicate your experience was caused by a necessary software upgrade. On Sunday September 22nd 2017 between 7:57PM and 8:02PM PST, certain functions of your TTcB became unresponsive due to this system upgrade.

    While our 100% Orgasm Free Guarantee Warranty stipulates a full refund on top of a replacement should an unauthorized orgasm be permitted, that does not seem to be the case here. Sensor data recorded during the upgrade, which was transmitted to us after the process completed, indicates that no orgasm was permitted during this time, making this a lower priority class B, rather than a class A incident.

    Anna looked away from the infuriating letter balling her fists. No shit, it hadn't let her come. That was the problem!

    However, rest assured we at ODTC do fully understand the inconvenience this incident may have caused. We are well aware that the upgrade took place during your bi-yearly opportunity for reprogramming the device. The terms of the Chaperon Program you are enrolled in clearly specify that your Chaperon should have the opportunity to reconfigure the TTcB every two years.

    How was the opportunity to enter to enter new settings more important than her orgasm? They were missing the point. Anna got the impression they may have been *deliberately* missing the point. And what was this Chaperon Program?

    Anna vaguely remembered something like that from the day she'd first bought the belt. Anna was so excited when she first got the belt -- it was one part terrifying, and five parts arousing. She wanted to just just put it on and have it work, but the control software was downright incomprehensible to her.

    That's why she'd called Reilly, the computer geek she'd slept with a few times back in college. In truth, Anna hadn't been all that in to him at the time, but Sandra, that cunt, was all over him. The words "long-term plans" even came up in conversation once or twice. That wasn't the sort of opportunity Anna could have just ignored. There had been real tears in that bitch's eyes after he dumped her, it was beautiful.

    She wasn't into nerds, but when she got her new TTcB, she realized she needed some help from someone who could read that techno mumbo-jumbo. That definitely wasn't her boyfriend at the time, a body-builder by the name of Greg. Besides she assumed (correctly) Greg wouldn't understand her favorite kink, and might be upset at the idea of covering up his favorite toy.

    So, Anna got on the phone with Reilly, who she hadn't seen in two years, and explained very sweetly that she needed some technical assistance. When she added that if he would be so kind as to help out, he would get to see her naked again, it was a done deal.

    She seemed to remember him saying that if he was going to enter the settings he had to configure it in "Chaperon Mode" so that the controls would let someone other than the person wearing the TTcB do the configuration. She'd been concerned that he would somehow get remote control of the belt that way, but there was an option so it required physical access to configure. That meant he couldn't change anything without actually touching the belt. She read, and re-read the description of that option, and it looked like what he said was true.

    Most of what she'd seen suggested that for the first experience with the belt, one year or less was recommended. Anna didn't want to be a wimp about it, though. She wanted the REAL experience. She asked Reilly to set it to give her one orgasm every eighteen months but not to unlock until she'd been given two orgasms.

  5. [Part 2 of 3]

    Anna wasn't so sure about the other settings, the complicated ones. She'd ignored most of them, but she'd agonized over how to configure the tease and edging settings. She wanted to really push herself, but if she teased herself all the time, then it wasn't really full denial was it? On the other hand, Anna didn't want to turn into a cold fish, she wanted to be reminded of what was locked up.

    It was hard to know what was best, so she guessed: She had Reilly program it to tease her for sixty seconds only, three times a day between the hours of 8 am and 11 pm Monday through Saturday. Then, on Sunday, it would only tease her once at exactly 7PM for a full hour or until it had edged her three times, whichever was longer. Her uncertainty was why asked Reilly if he could also set it so the lockup time was permanent, but the tease settings could be adjusted after the first eighteen months were up, and he agreed.

    After even the first month, she realized how foolish she'd been. Sixty seconds was just long enough to get her excited. The stimulation would alway stop just as she was getting really into it. It was long enough to leave her panting and aroused, too short to be at all pleasurable. Then, each week she would dread Sundays. At seven each Sunday, the TTcB would do its best to drive her out of her mind. The frustration was unbearable, but she had no choice but to scream into her pillow and try to make it through the weekly torture session.

    Her initial concern that the settings weren't sufficiently severe was laughable. It was a hundred times more intense than Anna ever imagined.

    It also didn't help that Greg was so upset that he couldn't fuck her pussy anymore that he'd dumped her as soon as he found out.

    And now, having endured that impossible hellish ordeal, her promised release had been cruelly snatched away without any sort of reasonable explanation.

    Another of the sixty second tease sessions started then, and it took another five minutes before she calmed down enough to finish reading the letter:

  6. [I lied, there are 4 parts]
    [Part 3 of 4 ]

    We at ODTC have therefore reached out to your Chaperon, Reilly Wilson and informed him of the situation. Because the physical device was unresponsive during the appropriate window for reprogramming we are prepared to take extraordinary measures to ensure customer satisfaction. We have a dedicated team of developers who will implement a special firmware update, just for you. The MINIMUM_CYCLE_DURATION and MINIMUM_CYCLES_BEFORE_RELEASE parameters have been locked in your device (locked to 18 months, and 2 cycles, respectively), and may not be reprogrammed. However, our team will implement all programming changes that your chaperon requests to any or all of the other device parameters.

    Additionally, we have identified the ODTC employee responsible for initiating an update during a reprogramming window, Sandra Benton. As I'm sure you are aware all female ODTC employees wear one of our TTcB devices. While we typically program these devices with strict settings, we often do not lock in any of those settings so that we can adjust monthly according to our employees performance. In order to compensate your chaperon for this inexcusable inconvenience, your Chaperon will be given full control of Ms. Benton's TTcB for the next 36 months, the minimum amount of time before the second cycle on your TTcB ends. Please confer with your chaperon to decide what settings would be appropriate for Ms. Benton.

    For reference, please note that your TTcB has currently completed zero cycles, as the first cycle completion was interrupted by the firmware update. This means the minimum amount of time before the program is complete is two cycles or 36 months. This time may be extended if further programming requested by your chaperon alters the CLIMAX_CONDITION or RELEASE_CONDITION settings.

    On behalf of everyone here at ODTC, we deeply regret our error and will work to make this right.


    Sierra Landsman
    VP of Customer Relations
    Orgasm Denial Technology Company

  7. [Part 4 of 4]

    Anna gasped. If she was reading this right... It had been Sandra. That Sandra. She'd deliberately screwed her over, still upset about Reilly after all this time. But now... Reilly, they were letting him change her settings!

    Originally, he couldn't do it remotely, but now the ODTC company was involved. She complained to them by mail, and now they were making an exception just for her. She'd made things so, so much worse by writing that letter.

    Fuck. Fuck. Fuck. Fuck. Fuck.

    He could do anything. One hour a week of edging was pure agony, but there was no limit, was there? What about one hour every day? What about five? What about twenty four?

    And those additional conditions, the TTcB could force her to give random men blow-jobs, and cut off her orgasms if she failed to perform. It could force all sorts of dietary restrictions on her, or force her to exercise a certain amount every day, or even go naked. Reilly, that goddamn geek, effectively OWNED her.

    For three years. Not only didn't she get an orgasm, she didn't get any credit towards her release. She needed to earn two orgasm to get a release, with a maximum of one every eighteen months. That left over three years trapped in the damn thing! She would be thirty before she got it off.

    And Sandra. He owned her too. Maybe she could convince him to really give that bitch what she had coming. Oh yeah, she could make sure she--

    Except, did Sandra know about this? Has she contacted him? Even if she didn't, would he contact her? What would she say? What might she be telling Reilly right now? Reminding him of how Anna had dumped him as soon as Sandra was out of the picture? Of how he probably assumed he was getting laid when she'd called him up for help with the TTcB, but only got a brief view of her pussy as she slipped the belt on? Might he feel just a bit cheated?


    Anna mentally ran through all the things she could do, would probably have to do to convince Reilly to be reasonable. She couldn't afford to refuse him anything, no matter how degrading because no matter how bad it was what he had the power to do to her was worse.

    Then she took a deep breath, pulled out her phone and dialed Reilly's number.