Monday, 20 November 2017

Caption 615: Female Orgasm Denial


  1. I think it's rather unfair that the audience gets to decide who gets what gag. In my opinion gags or lack thereof should be EARNED, not assigned on a whim.

    Instead, I think it should be be a triathalon event, with the blowjob contest as the finale.

    First, the footrace: The girls must run from one end of the half kilometer beach to the other. At the finish line are a collection of eight butt plugs ranging from tiny to comically enormous. Whoever reaches the finish line first gets to choose their plug. Once a girl touches a plug, it's theirs. But...

    The second part of the event involves the insertion of the plug as the audience watches. Anyone who fails to insert their plug gets a ball-gag, so it's important not to choose one that's too big. However, all girls except the one with the very largest plug must wear ring gags... with the rings in direct proportion to the size of the plugs. The larger the plug, the larger the ring, and the more opportunities will be available in the final event.

    Then, once the plugs and the rings are all in place, the final cock-sucking can begin!

  2. A different idea for the blow job contest, instead of awarding an orasm after 5 blow jobs and ending when all 50 orgasms are awarded, leave the contest open ended until the girls all drop out, then divide the orgasms to be awarded among the girls based on the proportion of blow jobs given.

    If you want to be especially devious, when the contest is over tell the girls that who ever quit first or gave the lowest number of blow jobs doest get any orgasms.

    Another possible modification is to have the men all rate the blow jobs they are given. Unless a girl gets a 9 or 10 for the blow job it doesn't count. This will encourage quality not just quantity.