Saturday, 4 November 2017

KiK Group

I have created a KiK group exclusively for all you dedicated followers that frequent my blog
Max 50 people. First come first serve*. For chat around the TTcB, female orgasm denial & chastity with like minded people. Find me at ‘TTcBChatChastity’
The first three to join may even get a unique prize for their diligence!
See you there,
*If the group is full and you are a regular commenter or have spoken to me online, get in touch and I'll see what can be done.


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  2. Replies
    1. Most people are finding it without issue. I am not a user under that name, you need to search public groups. Also make sure to type the group name in full, it does not auto fill like google.

  3. Can u make a line or discord group?

  4. I found it under "TTcB" and not "TTcBChatChastity."