Monday, 15 January 2018

Caption 625: Female Orgasm Denial


  1. The past about 100 captions are all about ODTC island. Quite frankly, it's becoming a little boring. Can you please abandon this theme for some time?

    1. The one before this wasn't even about the island?

    2. Yes it was. Grade C belted babe... ODTC island theme. Like about 100 before, as I said. It's becoming monotonous.

    3. Oh toby I am so sorry that you find my creative works monotonous and boring. From this moment forward I shall endeavour to write captions with the primary focus being to please specifically you, after all that is why I created this blog in the first place.
      Wait, no. Hang on, my mistake. I will continue to write and post captions on the subjects I choose, that interest me, that I find a pleasure, not a chore, to create. If these bore you I suggest you try
      Yours insincerely,

    4. Admittedly I'm also not keen on the ODTC island theme, but you could try, well not being a dick

    5. People being dicks... especially when it’s free content, uttering demands is ridiculous. You don’t like it? Make your own captions which you like. Don’t like the blog anymore? Start your own. You know, it’s like a radio station... don’t like the music, then change the station. But you would call the station instead and start complaining that they change the music.
      It annoys me, seen it before, you do things for free, people are happy, then you do more things for free and people become entitled and demand you fulfill their needs for free. I hate it. Shame on you and move away.
      Chuck, please don’t be disencouraged by those people. In my experience from 200 readers about 1-2 only will leave a reply if they like what they see. I assume there is a large audience here who actually enjoys your posts, but doesn’t voice it.

    6. I merely stated my opinion and kindly asked for more variety. I didn't make any demands. I don't see the reason for insults. I guess that it's forbidden here to say something negative, or one might risk being lynched.

    7. I also didn't say I don't like the blog or captions in general, only that it's all about basically one thing lately. Your insults are what's making me think to stop coming here. But I guess not reading the comments will be sufficient. I'm not saying ODTC island is a bad concept, but it would be nice if there was more of something else as well, like the last caption that came out today. Thanks for that, even if I'm sure it was just a coincidence and not because of me.