Monday, 12 March 2018

Caption 643: Female Orgasm Denial

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  1. Hi, I'm the Dude who wrote the comment under your last Sarah & Kelly Update.
    Thanks for your newest update. It's a great little chastity caption and the emp idea is a great one. Sorry that I'm repeating myself but I simply love your blog here.

    A few Updates ago i read that you even integrate some user wishes. So that here I wouldn't call a wish, but an inspiration for a new Caption or new stories, maybe:

    There is a new Add On for the TTcB, especially for the lesbian wearers: "The chastity cock".
    It's a tiny round disc which you put on the frontshield of the old TTcB's.
    So the female keyholder can activate this, and a metal cock will come out of this. I can't directly describe how this works but it would look like, if you put your finger against a furled measuring tape (here a photo, I hope that helps to understand what i want to say:

    So the female keyholder can enjoy the metal cock while the belted girl only will be edged or will get a ruined orgasm.

    Or the ODTC can use this for some (cruel) games.
    So we have a metal cock but not everyone knows that this thing can ejaculate too. But instead of semen, there will come out some gels from ODTC.
    One thing could be, that the belted lesbian girl must have sex with a number of ?? girls and inseminate some "gel" (so you mentioned some gel variants in your older posts, or new ones, suprise us) to these clueless girls to get earlier out of the ODTC contract or to achieve an orgasm.

    So like mentioned before it's just an inspiration for new captions or stories. But i would really get excited if you put up this idea.

    I hope that i wrote this text in that way, that it is understandingly because english is not my mother tongue.

    Thanks for all and I'm really looking forward to your newest Update here.