Sunday, 23 September 2012

Captions 321-330. Female Orgasm Denial

First post for a long while I know, thank you for sticking around and waiting for updates. I have changed how I make the captions so the image quality should be as high as possible.

I really like the captions I've made this time, it feels like they are even better than previous ones, Enjoy!



  1. I just want to say that all of these captions are beyond great, they are simply wonderful! I love how inventive you are, weaving different little stories all centered around chastity. Most stories/caps in this genre follow the same formula, but you are very good at keeping things fresh.

    Of these, my favorites are number 7 and number 9. I love the extreme long term denial in 7 and the twist of having a lesbian beg to suck cock in 9 is a delightful change of pace and really pushes my buttons.

    Please continue to make captions, they are amazing!

    I operate my own caption blog, called Degraded Damsels, and I've posted a link to your blog there. I hope you don't mind.

    Thanks for the fun,

    - B-Rex,

  2. Im extremely glad you're back, these are great.

  3. Hey Chuck, I am glad you're back, finally! Although I am mainly interested in being denied myself, you somehow managed to get me more than interested in the female chastity thing. Especially the girl next door in number 4 is awesome!
    Like B-Rex, I'm about to start my own caption-blog (currently playing around with the design options etc.), and you will definitely have your place in the "blogs that inspired me" section!

    Thanks for sharing your fantasies!

  4. Great to see you're back!

    Another vote for #7 from me--she surely would regret it by the time she was 25!

  5. Oh yeah, #7 was just so delicious!! I could see myself making that same mistake... ;-)

  6. He's baaack! Woohoo! #3 is my favorite.