Monday, 1 October 2012

Captions 331-340: Female Orgasm Denial.

The other half of the batch I made a few weeks ago. Not got time to make any at the mo, just putting up this  set. Hope you enjoy. A few interesting concepts in this set just like the last post.


  1. Any idea how long you will be gone this time?

  2. Glad to see you back, these captions are great.

    However I find one aspect of them lacking:

    They completely ignore the fact that the TTcB is a high tech gizmo and treat it more like a regular chastity belt with an electric lock.

    In all of these new captions there is maybe two small hints at the Tease and Torment capabilities of the belt, and you would only notice them, when you are familiar with the product descriptions and test results of the TTcB.

  3. hi i am new to your blog and love it.yes i would like to hear more about these girls torment to. whats ttcb stand for? and can i get one for my girlfriend?

  4. OMG #5 has to rank as one of my all time favorites! and #7 is a fantasy I've had for many years now... =D

  5. I rather liked the last one. I wouldn't mind being the guy who was setting the belt...and seeing the look on her face when she realized!

  6. Thanks for taking the time to create and post these! The denial of not seeing new items was getting to us. :-)

    Personally #3 is my favorite in this group. But #8 and the last one's are very close behind.

    Take care of yourself and hope to see more of your work sooner rather than later. ;-)


  7. The whole "girl trusts guy with this huge thing on first meeting" kind of makes the suspension of disbelief difficult for me.

    Is it just me, or does anyone else find the idea of a slave that enjoys being frustrated and aroused more compelling than one that feels she made a mistake?

    Still, I have to say - I don't know where you find these pictures; they're incredible.

  8. Thanks you all for such kind comments and thoughtful feedback!

    Kinkygoth: nope, it really comes down to how much free time I have and how much I feel like putting into the captions when I do have the free time!

    Myya, Iggy, GreyRose: I find it interesting to hear which captions you like from each post, sometimes you all like the ones I like most, sometimes someone picks one I wasn't as happy with!

    I will admit my caption style does change with each post, some have more details on the belts programming, some on the situation, some vary in the level of human trust believability. But this is not a linear evolvement of my style that will continue to progress away from a certain type of caption, it is simply the mood I am in each time I write captions. So don't worry, more technical ones will return at some point. Hearing your comments also helps put me in the mood for types of captions, so I may make a point of writing a very technical set soon, as I know it is highly desirable to some of you!

    Thank you again for your feedback and comments,
    I hope to not deny you of new captions for too long ;-)

  9. So glad I found this blog. Epic!!!! Thanks for all the work to put it together.

  10. we miss you!!!!!!!!!

    1. I agree, a month without your captions is like a decade of total sensory deprivation.

  11. Love number 8, I would have dressed just like her,and not just because its a gorgeous dress hehe. Sounds like she is in for a fun time