Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Caption 373: WWYD?


  1. If I absolutely HAD to choose, 2. But the prospect of only ever getting one orgasm per year after those 2 years would turn me into a harpy.

  2. I think she would chose 2

  3. In wild arousal chose #1, regretting it every toe curling moment, knowing the choice is irreversible, irrevocable and indelible.

  4. If I had to, I'd pick option 2. But in real life? I'd pick option 3, which is "Find someone else to play with, as this Master guy is going too far."

    Ah, the differences between fantasy and reality. But you did ask what *I* would do, so I'm going with reality. The real-world variant that I might go along with would be Master saying he wants me to go without orgasm for a year, and giving me the choice between:
    A) diving straight in, no orgasm for a year starting today (presuming that I'm used to a more frequent release schedule, this could be a very abrupt change); or
    B) spending 1-2 years working up to it with progressively longer denial periods to prepare me for going a whole year without orgasm (which would ease me into it, but would also likely mean more total denial time)

  5. That situation?
    option 2