Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Caption 374-375: Female Orgasm Denial


  1. I think these are the best of your more recent captions, for while I like the concept of your WWYD? caps - and this sort of qualifies as one - I think most of the recent WWYD? caps have lacked in terms of the options given. Rather than just varying the length of time in the belt, or the timing/number of orgasms, I think that adding a more personal, public element to the options would work better to really utilize your WWYD? concept.

    For instance, to use some ideas from your earlier captions, maybe the newly chastised young woman in your cap is given two options:

    1. The belt will be on for five years. The belt will allow the girl to orgasm (actually, it will force her to orgasm, repeatedly) when she presses a large button on the front panel. However, the belt's built-in GPS and Clock Unit will only allow the button to work when the belt is located inside one of several nearby churches, at the front pews, and even then, only at the times that mass is scheduled. This option maximizes the girl's public humiliation, for she can only orgasm while in the midst of a crowd of churchgoers.

    2. Perhaps the girl is a touch over-weight. Option two will be the exact same as option one, with one basic difference. The button will only unlock if the belt is brought to a series of GPS coordinates in a series. These will correspond to the path of one of several local jogging/hiking trails in the nearby national park. This option will force our poor lady to get out and exercise for her orgasms. Making things even worse, the belt will only work one time at each approved trail, until all available trails have been hiked. Only then will the earlier trails become usable again.

    So, what would you choose? :-)

    - B-Rex, http://degradeddamsels.blogspot.com/

  2. Wow I want to do this to someone...