Friday, 22 November 2013

Caption 385: Reversed Sentiment Orgasm Denial

On  reviewing the results of my demographic poll I have noticed that plenty of male submissives read this blog. I know that I enjoy both male and female orgasm denial captions. I appreciate that people from both genders read this blog and I very much enjoy the comments from the ladies into orgasm denial. But I have also noticed that female denial captions and male denial captions tend to have a different emphasis. So, I have taken some of the recurrent themes I have seen in male denial captions and reversed that sentiment into female orgasm denial captions...


  1. this is pretty good dont get me wrong but i prefer your original style of captions way more. thanks for all your hard work put into your captions.

  2. If she doesn't like the idea of a month between orgasms, maybe two months would be better?

  3. I am a great fan of your old captions but like this idea to