Monday, 18 August 2014

Caption 471: Female Orgasm Denial


  1. Anon -

    A beautiful cross of true D-s relations and the TTcB world. :)

    Sometimes we like to wallow in the outrageousness of extreme denial/subjugation fantasies, but looking through the window of what it would be like to have a TTcB in a true world of good D-s relationships is stimulating on a deeper more satisfying level.

    Captions like there make me wish your products were real more so than any other.

    Thank you for presenting us with both ends of your creative spectrum. :)

    1. Anon -

      I just spent a very pleasant time going back though the archives trying to find all my old posts and tagging my previous comments with "Anon".

      The trip reminded me of just how much great work you have shared with us, and really got me worked up too!!

      I had to take my partner aside twice to "take care of things" reading all your material brought up.

      Keep up the great work chuckthrill!!

    2. Anon -

      And those shoes in the caption pic! I love them. :)

    3. Anon,
      I was very surprised to log on and see so many new comments! At first when I realised they were mostly you tagging your old comments I was a little disappointed because when they were all anonymous they could have been each from a different reader. Then I realised I would rather have one active, regular contributor than 100 viewers that don't comment. So Thank You; for being so involved, for sharing your thoughts and comments with us, and for the positive compliments.

      I like when people comment with a name, even a name in an anonymous comment like you have started to do. So anyone else reading this, feel free to follow Anon's example and comment with name, even if its still as an anonymous comment.


    4. Anon -

      Yeah, I was kind of worried about both the sudden influx of comments from my tagging, and the possibility for disappointment when you found out how many of them had been from me.

      I'm glad you see my verbosity as the appreciation for your work that it was intended. I know I lurked for ages before making my first post, so I am extremely confident that the vast number of folks that enjoy your work do so silently, or let those of us who comment regularly speak for them.

      Keep up the great work! :)

    5. Cheers =)

      One of your comments has helped give me an idea for something new for the blog, you'll love it!