Saturday, 30 August 2014

Captions 475-476: ODD

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  1. Anon -

    More nice additions. :)

    The PhD student seems a bit casual about having gone 11 months without an orgasm. It makes my think that her parents didn't make any use of the belt's functions beyond simple chastity and denial. That might explain why she was able to get her hands on the control codes. Her parents didn't use them (or might not even really be aware or what they are for). I suspect that our doctoral candidate might be in for a more intense ride than she is really aware of once someone else gets control of those codes. She might have started playing with them a little on her own, but the depths (and intensity) of teasing that can occur when another has control she likely has no idea of...

    The second woman's insistence on someone near her own age will likely limit the experience level of her partners. She seems ripe for exploring submission though, and the addition of a belt should drive her young mind to fantastic new levels of experience and submission.