Monday, 1 September 2014

Caption 477: E.L.F.

E.L.F: Eternally Locked Females


  1. Anon -

    I know you planned to use this money to quit walking the streets and live a life of ease and luxury. Well those dreams are over. You cost me my life, so now I'm taking yours.

    That belt will tease you mercilessly and shock you ever more often and hard unless you follow the program I've paid for. You're going back to your old job. Your going to spend your every waking moment working tricks as hard as you possibly can, you're going to sell yourself to an endless string of men and women one after the other, or else you're going to suffer an ever escalating torment of edging and shocks.

    You're going to earn back double what I paid for you, and when I'm free, you're going to bring every cent you've earned while I've been locked away and lay it at my feet, and you're going to pray that it's enough for me to think of changing you back.

    She stood there reading the note again, not believing what she saw. Then the first tingle started to pull her attention to her locked pussy. Leaning there against the wall the belt drove her inexorably to the edge. Then just when she thought she would crest, her crotch erupted in pain as the shocks hit.

    She collapsed to the floor, the swing from pleasure to sudden pain worse than the pain alone.

    Not sensing the presence of sperm or female arousal other than her own, the belt started to build again. Desperately she looked around. Anyone, anyone at all.

    She saw a man, dirty and unkempt, walking down the other side of the street. She ran after him, legs weakening as the stimulation built. She had to get him to let her service him before the shocks hit again.

  2. Loving the ELF captions! (Just another regular anonymous reader that's here twice a week. )

    1. Glad you enjoy them and thank you for commenting. If you like E.L.F. you'll love Monday's caption!