Friday, 12 September 2014

Caption 482: E.L.F.

E.L.F: Eternally Locked Females


  1. Would certainly more interesting for this couple if they had a video livestream of every girl struggling in edging agony... But: Great caption anyway!

  2. Anon -

    I was imagining something similar Ronnet Massi. :)
    Although, I can see the couple getting off on not even giving the women that much of their attention.

    What would be a nice cruel twist would be for all the locked women to receive a notification when the button was pressed, even if they weren't the one gifted with an orgasm. Seeing a little red light blink on their belt and NOT being the one chosen would be even more cruel. They could see that someone did cum, but not them. It would keep their hopes up, and heighten their need/despair at the same time.

    Of course, the couple might have a second button that just lit up everyone's belts, but didn't cause any of them to cum. Teasing their minds, but with none of them getting the reward.

    Even better, the lights on the belt would blink for five minutes before someone got to cum. Seeing the lights go off would make each woman's heart swell with hope. Even knowing that the odds were against them, they would each secretly hope they were the one, and their bodies would prepare themselves for the desperately needed orgasm that likely wouldn't come.

    And that five minutes of blinking would make the second False-Alarm button all the more cruel, and all the more stimulating for the couple who used it.

  3. Anon's idea is deviously good! It would be even more amusing to have the lights blink every time a button was pressed AND for the belt to edge them when someone is about to get an orgasm. Just to have that build up to an edge and then for the light to turn off, telling the girls that one of them had just enjoyed a full orgasm and the others only got edged.

  4. I like all of the above mentioned ideas and agree with each one of them. The video feed is fantastic!