Monday, 15 September 2014

Caption 483: E.L.F.

E.L.F: Eternally Locked Females


  1. Anon -

    It's the choice that makes this situation extra devious. Having to decide which of two impossible fates you will suffer.

    You can also imagine the cruelty of asking the women to choose which role they will be locked in for life. Let them think it over for 24 hours. Let them discuss it between themselves, spend a sleepless night trying to decide which situation they most deeply want to avoid. Then, on the next day, after they have finally come to terms with the fate they have chosen, you lock on the belts...

    and program them with the opposite of their choices.

  2. Hmm. Maybe they are clever enough. They would expect a cruel mind like their new owner's to give them the opposite of their choice. Thus, they would say they want the option they don't want, expecting to get what they prefered. But he would know that they think they are very clever and he would give each girl what she said. Or maybe that's just a twist too much...

  3. Anon -

    Or maybe, every couple of years or so their programs switch unexpectedly. They never know when, or if, their particular torment will reverse.

    They live with their given program for so long that they yearn for the switch. Knowing it MIGHT happen at any time gives them the strength and the hope to struggle through just one more day of their current settings. Then, on the day that it does switch, they are flooded with relief. There is a honeymoon period where they revel in their new settings.

    Then the reality of their new situation sets in and they come to regret their current predicament even more than their last. They begin to year for the other settings. Trapped in the torture of the new, they forget just how bad the old ones were. This continues until they eventually switch again and the cycle repeats.

    While the idea of a locking someone permanently in a given program is exciting to me as a reader, I know that the human mind eventually becomes accustomed/resigned to even the most extreme situations. By switching things up randomly, but after a sufficiently tortuously long period, you avoid this. The subject's own mind becomes an accomplice in keeping them fully involved in their current day-to-day sexual torture as they anticipate and long for the coming change.