Monday, 29 September 2014

Caption 488: Female Orgasm Denial


  1. I can't survive when Master keeps his cock from me. This is one of the worst kinds of desperation.. at least she gets to taste him.

  2. Anon -

    Ah Kitty, I can only imagine.

    Does he tease you in those moments, letting you look at his cock, maybe even get close enough to smell it, but its touch is denied to you. You mind can only remember over and over what it feels like, what it is like to have him use you. The feel of his hands around your skull, his fingers sliding through your hair. The fullness of him sliding slowly into your mouth. Your pussy twitching in sympathetic contractions as your tongue caresses him and your throat opens for him.

    To be denied even to be able to caress his cock with the tips of your fingers. To have only the memory of his last touch. To have HIM there, but denied to you completely.

    That is true denial.

    Nothing can tease you better than your own mind. And by forcing you to have only your memories of what you are missing, he gives it full reign to torment you. Even when he is not there.

  3. This is still my favourite caption. Always end up coming back to it.